// Today, the teacher asked me to use a struct Function does a function pointer loop All of a sudden I didn't know struct How to use the function I went down to look up a lot of information

The first definition is :

int fun1(){
    struct student{
        int age;
        int nume;
    struct student stu={10,20};

The second definition

int fun2(){
    struct student{
        int age;
        int nume;

The third definition

int fun(){
    struct {
        int age;
        int nume;

All calls need printf("%d",stu.age); Printed as 10;

The difficulty is pointer calling

struct Person{
    int age;

void fun(){
    struct Person person = {27};
    struct Person *p;
    printf("%d",p->age);// The three call methods are the same

int main(int argc, const char * argv[]) {
    return 0;

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