The code we write will be shown to a lot of people , To make the code clear and concise , Easy to read and understand , Will be unified to comply with certain code specifications ,Objective-C The same is true of .

Main reference specifications :

1.Google Objective-C Style Guide

2.Coding Guidelines for Cocoa

Let's briefly summarize what we have come into contact with at present :

1. The maximum length of each line of code is 100(C++ Yes. 80)

2. When declaring a class or method , Pay attention to the use of spaces , If there are too many parameters, you can wrap to keep alignment ,

The same is true when calling methods , Parameters are written in one line or newline colon alignment ,

3. Naming rules

Class names are capitalized , Method initial is lowercase , The first letter of the parameter in the method is lowercase , At the same time, try to make the method name read like a sentence , Can convey the meaning of the method , At the same time, do not prefix the value method “get”

Variable names start with lowercase letters

Constants are written in lowercase letters k start , The following initials are capitalized

4. About notes

Comments are important , But except for the copyright notice at the beginning , Write as much code as possible as a document , Let others see the code directly to know the meaning , Don't worry about long names when writing code , Believe in Xcode The prompt function of .

5. Instance variables should be in the implementation file .m State or declare with @property In the form of .h Declaration in the document , Be sure to be directly in .h File statement , add @priavte, in addition , Use @private、@public, You need an indented space in front of it .

6. Guarantee as much as possible .h The simplicity of the document , It can be private API Don't make it public , Write it in the implementation file .

7.Xcode Support Objective-C/C/C++ zlc , So when you reference a header file :#import Ojbective-C/Objective-C++ The header file (Objective-C++ yes Objective-C And C++ Mixed files ),#include C/C++ The header file .

8. Write delegate The type should be weak Weak reference , To avoid circular references , When delegate After the object does not exist , We wrote delegate There is no meaning of existence. Nature needs to be destroyed ,weak And strong You can refer to the last article .

9. When you declare an instance variable, underline the variable name “_”, Local variables don't need to add .

10. Use Block when , The content is indented with four spaces ,“^” When followed by a parameter , Parameters and “{” There is a space indent between

11. It is recommended to use “#pragma mark”, Easy to read code

Other details refer to the two specifications ,Coding Guidelines forCocoa  Detailed naming requirements are also listed .

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