The story of wild lotus root 103
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Director Cha said that we would meet at this small wooden bridge , Secretary Qian pointed out immediately that , No need to go to the small wooden bridge , Let's go straight to Dali Qijia .

Everyone said hello .

The new sister-in-law said :“ I'll go home first , The house is in a mess , I can't step down .” I can't step down , Suzhou dialect means the ground is not clean .

Secretary Qian said to her :“ well , You boil the water , My mouth is dry .”

The new sister-in-law said :“ Do you have good tea at home , There is still water in the soup jar .”

She smiled .

Secretary Qian and director Cha also laughed .

that , Where does great power go ?

original , I went to buy meat , At this time, he carried a piece of pork and was walking home .

Director Cha saw him all the way , She said to Secretary Qian :“ You see , The man who came here should be strong .”

Secretary Qian said :“ Your eyes are sharp , It's a lot of power that can be seen from such a distance !”

Director Cha said :“ You see , He is very tall , He should be the tallest in the whole production team .”

Secretary Qian said :“ You're the women's director , I know a lot about men ?”

Director Cha said :“ Women can't work without men , For example, family planning is a common thing for men and women , For example, filial piety to the elderly is also a common thing for men and women , Which thing is not a common thing between men and women ?”

At this time , Great strength came close to .

Director Cha said to Secretary Qian happily as if he had won the first prize :“ I was right , It's big power .”

Secretary Qian and director Cha quickly welcomed him . Because of great strength and Secretary Qian 、 Director Cha's normal relationship is OK , So I saw Secretary Qian smiling , It's kind of unexpected , But he estimated that they must have been sent by group leader Jiang , So he didn't show any unusual excitement .

Secretary Qian said :“ Great strength , Who are you going to invite to dinner ?”

Dali Qi said :“ Eat by yourself , I haven't bought meat for more than a month , It's rare to buy meat once you see it .”

Secretary Qian said :“ Buy meat more than once a month , A little bit longer , Buy meat once a week .”

Dali Qi said :“ It's good to buy meat once a week , But if you can get the money , If you can't get money, you have to watch others buy meat .”

Secretary Qian said :“ You're now , I think I can afford to buy meat once a week .”

Da Li said with a smile :“ honestly , It's affordable , But I'm still a little reluctant to spend money on meat , I can't help eating every day , It doesn't matter whether you eat this meat or not .”

Secretary Qian also said with a smile :“ go , Today, I'll go to your house to eat braised pork .”

I opened my mouth , I didn't say anything for a moment .

Director Cha rushed to speak , She said to daliqi :“ Great strength , Don't you welcome Secretary Qian and I to your house for dinner ? I know , You're very generous , Not so stingy .”

Dali Qi said :“ Good! , Welcome to my house for dinner , It's not just braised meat , There's half a salted chicken at home , My food is OK today .”

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