I have a Book of Shixiang tiebanshao in Yuanye
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I have a Book of the wild 《 Shixiang Teppanyaki 》, This book 1998 year 9 This month was published by Shanghai People's publishing house 1 edition , impression 7000 book , At that time, pricing 13 element . The wild , It's balgi · The wild , A writer I like , I also have a collection of his essays 《 Thinking of 》.

I especially like this one 《 Shixiang Teppanyaki 》.

Tao Wenyu, a Suzhou gourmet, once told me that , He also likes balgi very much · The prose of wilderness , He even said balgi · A word from wilderness ,“ I carry the wine , Waiting for the birds to come ”.

But two years ago, Mr. Tao Wenyu left , I never see him carrying the wine again .

I even think Mr. Tao Wenyu is baoerji in Suzhou · The wild .

Tao Wenyu's collection of short stories

meanwhile , I think prose writers should read more about balgi · The prose of wilderness , There is a kind of wild arrogance in his prose , And the reason of the wise , I don't mean to ignore the works of some modern writers , At least in my mind , I always felt that balgi · Wilderness prose is the second best , Not one of them. .

Let's take a look at his prose .

《 Moonlight handkerchief 》: I came up to see , This is not a handkerchief , It's a little piece of moonlight on the stairs . Why a small piece ? It turned out to be a slanting light coming in from the floor long window nailed with boards , The hole is the size of a handkerchief . At midnight, the last quarter of the moon has been pacing to the West . This piece of moonlight shoots into , In the dim light of the corridor , It's precious . The little girl mistook it for a cream handkerchief , When she bends down , The finger touched the cold concrete ground and retracted . She gave me a look , Maybe I'm afraid of jokes . I won't laugh at her , This move is full of vitality . The little girl is also a family member of a patient , I don't know how her patients suffer in bed . But she's so sensitive , There is beauty in my heart , Otherwise, how could you mistake the moonlight for a handkerchief ?

The little girl has “ Handkerchief ”, Balky · There's something in wilderness “ Handkerchief ”, This is all “ vitality ”, And for modern people , Even if it's really a handkerchief , On the hospital floor , I shouldn't have picked it up , Because I didn't know it was a doctor , Or nurses , Or patients , Or the handkerchief that the patient's family lost ?

Balky · Wilderness writes “ Moonlight handkerchief ”, His heart is pure and beautiful , To be a writer with pure heart is the only way to write such a quiet and beautiful prose . On the other hand, we can see some of the author's essays in the bamboo slips , There is an indescribable sense of depression and complaint . I urge these writers to look at balgi more · The prose of wilderness , Find more in your life “ Moonlight handkerchief ”.

《 Towards simplicity 》 Einstein wore two socks of different colors when he attended a meeting , He told people , People think Einstein is very humorous . On the deathbed , Einstein refused treatment when he knew he was dead , He said :“ Life means nothing to me but physics .” Here you are “ Not free , Better die than die ” The absolute decision . Scientific research , It's really an exploration of human freedom . Think of it , I always think of the simple man who strode forward in Van Gogh's paintings .

not long ago , I went to shangtianzhu Faxi temple in Hangzhou , Master dingben said to us , Don't get sick when you are old , It's like a ripe melon , It's best to die like that .

Master dingben doesn't advocate curing old people when they are sick , To put it bluntly, don't use drugs to prolong life . His story is similar to that of balgi · The field is as like as two peas , I want to feel amazing .

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