Insistence on correctness has its price
Life journey 2021-06-04 17:56:41

A couple of guys chatting , There was a dispute over a problem .

The leader said , How this thing should be …… A put forward his own basis .

Leaders are not the authority in this respect , What he said may not be true . B retorted immediately .

So and so experts say , Balabala . A has put forward new support .

Experts don't do everything right . B still doesn't agree with a's argument .

Everybody says ……, A carried out the masses again . The great leader Lenin said , Truth is often in the hands of a few . B also moved out the big man .

How can I say that you are right . A is like a defeated rooster , Very helpless to ask .

First of all, the thing itself is right , Secondly, you have to produce strong evidence to prove that it is true , Instead of leading experts and masses to crush me . B told a with certainty .

Listening, C cleared his throat , Say to B , Logically speaking , You're right , From the practical point of view , Leading experts and the masses sometimes say things that are not necessarily right , But there's one thing I don't know if you've considered ?

What's the matter ? B asked modestly . When the leading experts and the masses are wrong , Maybe I don't know I'm wrong ; Some leading experts, including the masses, even know that they are wrong , I don't want to hear people say I'm wrong , In this case , Comrades who insist that the leadership is wrong , Or insist on correct comrades , There may be some risks , You need to be able to bear it .

A inserted a sentence , Bruno insisted that the earth revolves around the sun , Burned to death by the Vatican . C said , Now it's not that serious , But there must be some leaders who are not willing to listen to different opinions .

B said bitterly , I'll just talk about it here , He would not listen , I don't want to say that yet , Some things , It's none of my business .

This is the end of the argument . It feels like something , We need to think about . It's a must , It doesn't matter , Don't make people unhappy . There are some fundamental issues of right and wrong , It's better to show your attitude .

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