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Another interactive question ! I love you !

This is really , Wonderful ! Very immortal ! It's very, very thinking !

Let's talk about it directly

It's really simple

That is to ask the number of a point in the other party's connection block , Write it down as x

If x The positive common point in my block is x,continue, Don't talk about luck x

And then ask me about my connection block x The nearest point is the number of the other side , Write it down as y

If y It belongs to the other party , Ook , There's something in common , Namely y

If it doesn't belong to , Let's make sesame oil public ,GG

Explain that

If it belongs to this, needless to say, obviously

And then if it doesn't belong to , We make x For the root of a tree , Then I must be all in the x On every tree in the world ( Because sesame oil goes through x Well

Then leave x The nearest node is the root of the subtree

If the root is not in the other party's connection block, other nodes will have more opportunities

So let's make sesame oil public !over!

( do not know why ,,, I use it psj But his code runs fast and I run slow ,,, It's very sad TT

#include <bits/stdc++.h>
using namespace std;
#define ll int
#define il inline
#define rg register
#define rp(i,x,y) for(register ll i=x;i<=y;++i) const ll N=+;
struct ed{ll from,to,nxt;void clr(){from=;to=;nxt=;}}edge[N<<];
ll head[N],cnt;
bool my[N],your[N]; il void ad(int x,int y){edge[++cnt].to=y;edge[cnt].nxt=head[x];head[x]=cnt;}
il ll dfs(int num,int fa)
if(my[num])return num;
for(rg ll i=head[num];i;i=edge[i].nxt)
ll temp=dfs(edge[i].to,num);
if(temp!=-)return temp;
return -;
int main()
ll T;cin>>T;
ll n,tmp,gdgs,root;cin>>n;
rp(i,,n-){ll x,y;cin>>x>>y;ad(x,y);ad(y,x);}
cout<<"B "<<gdgs<<endl;cout.flush();cin>>root;
if(my[root]){cout<<"C "<<root<<endl;cout.flush();continue;}
ll ques=dfs(root,);
if(ques==-){cout<<"C -1\n";cout.flush();continue;}
cout<<"A "<<ques<<endl;cout.flush();
ll as;cin>>as;
if(your[as]){cout<<"C "<<ques<<endl;cout.flush();continue;}
cout<<"C -1\n";cout.flush();
return ;

I made the first interactive question in my life !

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