specialize  vi.  Specialize in ; specialized ; Specialized in ; Detailed instructions  vt. Make specialized ; Adapt to special circumstances ; Detailed instructions ; list

generalize  across vt.& vi. Generalization , inductive ; Extension , Universal ; Generalize ; Concept formation  vt. Generalization ; Extension , Universal ; Generalize  vi. Concept formation

manifest  vt. Show , indicate ; prove ; Make manifest  adj. I understand , The obvious  n. Manifest , passenger manifest

intuition  n. intuition ; Intuition ; Intuitive knowledge

boosting  n. boost ; increase [ l ] Pressure ; Increase the thrust [ power ], Speed up ( The engine ) v. increase ; promote ( boost The present participle of ); Touted ; Push up   

adaboost   Algorithm ; Adaptive enhancement ; Adaptive enhancement ; promote ; Bootstrap

specify  vt. Appoint ; detailed ; Put forward … Conditions ; Make characteristic of  vi. Clearly put forward , Detailed instructions

credibility  n. reliability , Credibility ; It's true

speculation  n. Speculation ; speculation ; reflection ; infer

reinterpret  vt. Reinterpretation

ethnicity  n. Race status , Ethnic characteristics , Ethnic origin

interpret  vt. explain ; understand ; oral interpretation ; interpretation , reflect  vi.  To explain ; Interpreting

interrupt    interrupt

practically   almost

overdue  adj.  overdue ; Delayed , Late ; Uncorrected ; Long overdue

manipulation   n. manipulation ; control ;( skilled ) operation ;( About the accounts, etc ) forge

defy  vt. Contempt ; In defiance of ; Disobey ; towards … Challenge  n.  against ; Challenge

we presented structure analysis from both qualitative and quantitative perspectives     The structure is analyzed qualitatively and quantitatively

consecutive  adj.  Successive , Coherent ;[ language ] Expressing the result

negation  n. no ; Deny ; The reverse ; Opposite

purified  adj.  Purified  v. Make pure , Make clean ( purify The past tense and past participle of )

condensed  Concentrated

The predefined structures are built with some very simple heuristics, and consequently fragmented     The predefined structure is built with some very simple heuristics , So it's fragmented .

prepositional  adj.  Prepositional , Prepositional

facilitate  vt.  help ; promote , encourage ; Make easy

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