Preloaded :nginx,  django

Django Site tree


|-----Blog( Self built projects )


|-----Site(setting url wsgi….)

|       |


|       |-----js

|  |-----css



1.      libxml2、libxml2-devel、uwsgi

1.1  install

notes : Must be installed first libxml2、libxml2-devel, Install again uwsgi

rpm –ivh Libxml2*****

pip:   pip install uwsgi

tar:   python setup.pu install

1.2 test uwsgi


def application(env, start_response):

start_response('200 OK',[('Content-Type','text/html')])

return "uwsgi ok!"

Command line execution :

uwsgi --http :8001 --wsgi-file

Browser Test :

2.  To configure Site/

import sys

import os


from django.core.wsgi import get_wsgi_application

application = get_wsgi_application()



3. test  uwsgi +django

Carry out orders :

uwsgi --http :8001 --chdir /Site/Site --module wsgi

/Site/Site yes The catalog of

wsgi As module

Browser Test :

4. nginx + uwsgi + django

4.1  establish nginx + uwsgi  Conduct socket Connect xml file



<socket>:8001</socket> <!--  Don't use it. 8000 port , reserve 8000 Easy interpreter testing  -->



<processes>4</processes><!--  Number of processes  -->

<daemonize>uwsgi.log</daemonize><!--  Create a log file  -->


4.2  modify nginx.conf  The configuration file

server {

listen            8080;




location / {

include        uwsgi_params;


uwsgi_paramUWSGI_CHDIR  /Site/Site;

uwsgi_paramUWSGI_SCRIPT wsgi;


# Static file path

location /static {




4.3  restart nginx  service

cd /usr/local/nginx/sbin

./nginx -s reload

4.4  start-up uwsgi  The server

uwsgi -x django-socket.xml

4.5  Access the service


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