Answer key :

answer = suffix - Prefix -1

If you get blasted , Then it's time 0

Join in at the beginning 0,n+1, Make sure there are prefixes and suffixes

Code :

using namespace std;
const int N=;
char s[];
int n,m,la[N],ppp,pre[N],in[N],x,size[N],c[N][],root,tot,data[N];
void rot(int x)
int y=pre[x],k=(c[y][]==x);
void splay(int x,int g)
for(int y=pre[x];y!=g;rot(x),y=pre[x])
void insert(int x)
int y=root;
while(c[y][x>data[y]]) y=c[y][x>data[y]];
void del(int x)
int y=root;
while(data[y]!=x) y=c[y][x>data[y]];
bool b;
if(!y) b=,y=c[root][];else b=;
while(c[y][b]) y=c[y][b];
int findpre(int x)
int ans;
for(int y=root;y;)
else y=c[y][];
return ans;
int findnxt(int x)
int ans;
for(int y=root;y;)
else ans=data[y],y=c[y][];
return ans;
int read()
int x=;char c;
for (;c<''||c>'';c=getchar());
for (;c>=''&&c<='';c=getchar())x=x*+c-;
return x;
void write(int x)
if (x>=)write(x/);
int main()
while (m--)
if (s[]=='D')
if (s[]=='Q')
if (in[x])
int l=findpre(x),r=findnxt(x);
if (s[]=='R'&&ppp)in[la[ppp]]=,del(la[ppp--]);

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