1. install node.js

Installation tutorial :https://www.cnblogs.com/zhouyu2017/p/6485265.html

After installation , perform :cnpm install –g cordova ionic, To install cordova and ionic

notes :

a. Successful installation node.js after ,npm Installed by default , If the installation speed is slow , Executable :npm install -g cnpm --registry=https://registry.npm.taobao.org, Install Taobao image , Reuse cnpm Do other downloads and installations , It's quite fast ;

b. The lab is developing ionic Version is 3.9.2, High version conflicts with project ;

c. Configure environment variables

2. install jdk

Installation tutorial :https://blog.csdn.net/u012934325/article/details/73441617

notes :

a. Configure environment variables

3. install grandle

Installation tutorial :


notes :

a. Configure environment variables

4. install ant

Installation tutorial :


notes :

a. Configure environment variables

5. install Android-sdk

Installation tutorial :https://blog.csdn.net/zhangqun23/article/details/79960309

notes :

a. Configure environment variables

6. install git

Installation tutorial :


notes :

a. Configure environment variables

The simple ionic The framework of project development is built and written , I'm afraid I'll forget when I meet you later , At the same time, I hope I can help you !

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