We have already introduced iOS Develop some basic knowledge , Actually iOS Development is development iPhone\iPad Software on , And to develop a piece of software , The first thing to learn is programming language .iOS Development needs to learn the main programming languages are :C Language 、C++、Objective-C, among C++、Objective-C It's all about C Language is the foundation , from C Language is derived from . Let's start with this , Let's put it away for a while iOS Relevant knowledge , Sink down to learn the legendary C Language . Before formal study , Let me remind you first : Learning the grammar of a language is boring , It's like learning 1+1 Equal to several , It's impossible to say , Study C In the process of language grammar, we can immediately make some good-looking iPhone Interface effect . Everyone should be calm , The so-called hard work is sweet , There is no accumulation of grammar , How to write a nice interface ?

One 、 Computer knowledge

I'm learning C Before the language , First of all, I need to know something about computers

1. Computers can only recognize 0 and 1

  • Everybody knows , The computer needs electricity to work , To put it bluntly , It's like TV 、 Like a washing machine , It's all electrical . Electrical appliances have a common ability : Know how to judge power on or power off , You can work with electricity , Stop working when the power is off . therefore , Fundamentally speaking , Computers can only recognize electrical signals : High level signal ( Electrify )、 Low level signal ( power failure ), It only knows whether a switch is on or off . We use it 1 For high level ,0 For low level .
  • That is to say , Computers can only recognize 0 and 1.

2. Binary system

Because computers can only recognize 0 and 1, So all the instructions and data that a computer can recognize are binary numbers (0 and 1) To represent the . So called binary , Just use 0 and 1 To represent all the numbers . But the most commonly used system in our daily life is the decimal system , use 0~9 To represent all the numbers

1> Binary instructions

Give the computer instructions , It can do the right thing , And the computer can only recognize 0 and 1 Composed instructions . In the early days of computer development , The instruction length of the computer is 16, That is to 16 Binary number (0 or 1) Form a command , for example , use 1011011000000000 This Directive , Let the computer do an addition . therefore , If you want a computer to perform a series of operations , You have to write a lot of articles by 0 and 1 Composed instructions , As you can imagine , The workload is so huge .

2> binary data

Usually we store some data in the computer , Like documents 、 Photo 、 Video etc. , It's all about 0 and 1 Is stored in the form of . It's just that the computer parses a lot of 0 and 1, Display the data in the form of graphical interface before our eyes .

Two 、 The history of programming language

We can use programming language to write programs , And then run the program to the computer , The computer can do as the program says . Ever since the birth of computers , Programming languages have roughly experienced 3 Stages of development : machine language 、 assembly language 、 High-level language . among ,C Language is a high level language .

1. machine language

1>  What is machine language

In the early days of the calculator ,  All computer programs are written directly with binary instructions that the computer can recognize , That is to say, in all the code, only 0 and 1. This programming language is “ machine language ”. These are 0 and 1 Composed of binary instructions , Also known as “ Machine instructions ”

2> advantage

  • Because the code written by machine language can be directly recognized by computer , So machine language has a direct effect on hardware , The execution efficiency of the program is very high .
  • Machine language has direct access to 、 The various hardware devices that control the computer , Disk 、 Memory 、CPU、I/O Port, etc .

3> shortcoming

  • Write a program in machine language , Programmers should first memorize all the instructions of the computer they use and the meaning of the instructions , There are so many instructions and it's hard to remember .
  • The programs are all 0 and 1 The command code of , Poor readability , It's easy to make mistakes .
  • Because machine language works directly on hardware , It's very hardware dependent , Therefore, the machine language of different models of computers is different . in other words , If 2 Different models of machines want to achieve the same function , You need to write 2 A completely different code .

It can be seen that , Machine language is difficult to master and popularize , Now in addition to the professionals of computer manufacturers , Most programmers don't learn machine languages anymore .

2. assembly language

1> What is assembly language

  • Because of the disadvantages of machine language , Seriously affect development efficiency , Then came assembly language . Assembly language is actually symbolic machine language , It uses a symbol ( English words 、 Numbers ) To represent a machine command . such as , In machine language , use 1011011000000000 This Directive , Let the computer do an addition ; And in assembly language , In English words “ADD” You can say addition . A meaningful English word , It's obviously longer than a bunch of stinky binary instructions , It's intuitive and easy to remember .
  • Because computers can only recognize 0 and 1, Code written in assembly language cannot be recognized by computer , Like just now “ADD”, Computers certainly don't know what it means . therefore , Code written in assembly language needs to be translated into binary instructions , To be recognized by the computer . The job of translation is given to “ compiler ” To do .

2> advantage

  • Compared to machine language , Assembly language code readability is good
  • Assembly language can be like machine language , You can directly access 、 The various hardware devices that control the computer , Disk 、 Memory 、CPU、I/O Port, etc . Use assembly language , Access to all accessible software 、 Hardware resources .
  • Object code short ( Object code is binary code translated by compiler ), Less memory , Fast execution .( All programs in the computer run in memory , So the performance of memory has a huge impact on the computer . It is used for temporary storage CPU Operation data in , And data exchanged with external memory such as hard disk . As long as the computer is running ,CPU The data to be calculated will be transferred to memory for operation , When the operation is finished CPU And then transmit the results , The operation of memory also determines the stable operation of the computer .) The memory of a computer is limited , So the less memory an application uses when it runs, the better .

3> shortcoming

  • Assembly language is machine oriented , It is usually specially designed for a particular computer or series of computers . therefore , Different machines have different assembly language syntax and compilers , Code lacks portability , in other words , A program can only run on one machine , If you switch to another machine, it won't work .
  • There are many symbols in assembly language 、 Hard to remember , Even simple functions require a lot of assembly language code , Easy to produce BUG, It's hard to debug
  • Using assembly language requires a good understanding of hardware , Development efficiency is very low , The period is long and monotonous

3. High-level language

Because assembly language depends on hardware , Poor code portability , There are so many symbols and they are hard to remember , So human beings invented a high-level language which is very close to natural language . What to learn later C Language is high level language .

1> advantage

  • Simple 、 Easy to use 、 Easy to understand , Grammar and structure are similar to ordinary English , And away from the direct operation of hardware , So that ordinary people can program after learning , Instead of being too familiar with hardware
  • The program is more concise . For example, to calculate 2 The number and , It can be very concise in high-level language :d=a+b;. But in machine language and assembly language , It takes a few or even dozens of instructions , And different machines have to write different instruction codes
  • The same program written in high-level language can also run on different machines , It's portable

2> Be careful

Programs written in high-level languages cannot be directly recognized by computers , It needs to be translated into binary instructions by the compiler , To run on the computer

3、 ... and 、C A brief history of language

  • C Language in 1972 The invention of , First used to rewrite UINX operating system (UNIX It used to be written mainly in assembly language , It lays the foundation for the operating system )
  • With UNIX The success of the operating system ,C Language has also been greatly promoted , It has been used successively to big 、 in 、 Small 、 On the micro host , It's still the most popular in the world 、 One of the most widely used high-level programming languages
  • C Language is a process oriented language , Non object oriented languages .( What on earth is process oriented 、 object-oriented , I don't need to understand , Just need to know C Language is process oriented Ok 了 )

Here is 2013 year 3 Programming language hot list for the month

from C Since the birth of language , It's not getting any hotter , The top two are basically Java and C

Four 、C Characteristics of language

1. Rich operators

The basic function of a computer is to calculate , So the computing power of a programming language is very important .C Language provides 34 Operator , The types of computation are extremely rich , It includes the most basic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division .

2. Rich data types

  • C How strong is the vitality of language , A lot of it is because it has rich data types .
  • It is because C Language data types are rich , It's very powerful , So many databases use C language-written , such as DB2、Oracle etc. .

3. You can operate the hardware directly

Just like assembly language ,C Language can operate hardware directly , Allow direct alignment 、 byte 、 Address operation ( position 、 byte 、 Address is the basic unit of work of a computer ), Almost none, so to speak C What language can't do .

4. Efficient object code

Object code , Is the binary code translated by the compiler .C The execution efficiency of object code is very high .

5. Good portability

Use... In an environment C A program written in a language , No change or slight change , It can be ported to a completely different environment to run .

All the above is C Advantages of language , It has a very obvious drawback : Grammar restrictions are not strict . This leads beginners to C Language grammar cannot be understood thoroughly , And in the development process will also bring a lot of easily overlooked problems .

5、 ... and 、C The function of language
  • because C Language has powerful data processing ability , And it allows direct access to memory addresses , Operate directly on hardware , So it's suitable for writing system software 、 Graph processing 、 Single chip program 、 Embedded system development is even used for scientific research .
  • A lot of game plug-ins are used C Written language
  • The bottom layer of many operating systems uses C Written language , such as android 

6、 ... and 、C The version of the language

from UNIX After the success of the operating system ,C Language is widely used , From mainframe to minicomputer , There are C Language is active , There are also many versions of C Language . Long past ,C Language will probably become a subject with many varieties 、 Loose language . A formal language , There must be a standard , Otherwise, it would be a mess . In order to change this situation ,1983 The National Bureau of standards (American National Standards Institute, abbreviation ANSI) A committee was set up , Start working on C Language standards work .1989 year C Language standards are approved , This version of C Language standards are often called ANSI C

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