Reading guide Many students have learned  Linux , It may have been installed on your own machine Linux, You can even build a simple personal blog , It is also possible to compile and deploy software such as mail servers , But it still feels right Linux I can't touch it , It's quite itchy .

Always curious Linux What's going on with the kernel , There's something in it ? Always curious Linux How did it start , What is that? GRUB How do you know to read the boot information ? Always curious about how devices can be operated as files , Why can we start from /proc Read about the process ? Always curious about how to build an operating system , From scratch, make a leading Linux Startup disk ?

You don't have to envy the people who say that Linux Geeks , In fact, there is only one difference between you and them LFS nothing more .

what ? Please listen to me ~

LFS What is it? ?

LFS( english Linux From Scratch Abbreviation ), In Chinese, it means “ Built from scratch Linux”. ok ! It looks very tall OTZ, But what is it ? It feels like it's always in contact with RedHat,Debain This kind of distribution is mixed up , Then it should also be a distribution !

There is nothing wrong with this understanding , But compared to the distribution , It's actually more like a Book . Books only provide knowledge , It only teaches you to do , I won't do it for you . That's what it is. LFS The essential difference from other distributions . This book can teach you how to build a concrete one from scratch Linux System , you 're right , It's starting from scratch , Is there a sense of God's perspective ?

So where can I find this “ book ” Well ? You can find the electronic version on the Internet , Of course , If you like , You can print it out —— however , I don't think it's necessary . You just need to follow the instructions of this book , Don't type a letter wrong , You can be guided by it hand in hand , Polish your own Linux System !

LFS Is it a good book ?

Yes ,LFS Absolutely worthy of a good book , Or a good textbook . On the market , It's hard to find such a specific and refined textbook .

First , It's not just about simple concepts , It's very specific , To be specific, it is an example , One tells you how to build your own Linux An example of the system .

secondly , It's very refined , It's refined in two ways : The system is not bloated ; The description is very concise .

Last but not least , This is crucial . Although the description is very concise , Even refined to boring , But as a textbook , The author never stops trying to do anything , Let you learn . Whether it is the introduction of the parameters under the compiler instructions , Or package installation section below the package content , The author is really trying to pass on the knowledge to the readers .

LFS Is there no defect ?

Of course there are , You can copy the above advantages intact . Look at these advantages dialectically , You'll find that these advantages come at a price .

First , Because this example is too vivid , So the space is not small , As fast as a day or two , It may take a week or two to build the system . You may not be able to digest the knowledge completely after one time .

then , Just now I mentioned , To make the content more refined , More just narration and explanation , Not too much of the author's thoughts and experience , It looks boring .

Last , I believe we don't like reading textbooks very much .

Of course , In fact, there is another drawback , It will bring great resistance to our study , We'll talk about that later .

LFS The positioning of

After checking the advantages and disadvantages LFS It's very clear where you're going , It's a Book , A textbook . So you can't ask it to be as interesting as a novel . And the audience for this book is , The vast majority of programmers , Student ,Linux user , And anyone who's interested in it .

How to start ?

If your English level is OK , Please go directly to LFS Official website : , Start your journey to God .

If you want to read Chinese , We Linux China's LFS Translation team , After a long time of continuous efforts , Continue to update the latest LFS 8.3 edition : .

For this translation , translator Martin Some words : A fool carves jade , To walk on thin feet . Good people make good use of , Live up to time .

LFS Chinese maintenance

Mentioned before , The shortcomings that will bring great resistance to our study , The original text of this book is in English .

As native speakers of Chinese, for all of you , Reading a lot of English is not a very enjoyable thing .LCTT I have translated a version of simplified Chinese before LFS 7.7. Time flies by , Now the latest version is 8.3 了 . We will keep up with the latest LFS translate , like LFS Also willing to make translation contribution , Can participate in our translation project .

In this paper, from :

LFS 8.3 The Chinese translation version is released ! More articles about

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