If you count the most common methods in the front end , that console.log Must be one of them . Whatever you write is native JS Or is JQuery、Vue wait , When debugging , Cannot leave console.log Method . however ,console There is more than just methods in an object log Method . Powerful console Object provides a number of methods for console debugging , Mastering these methods can greatly facilitate your debugging , Even make some cool console character drawings .

The basic output

console There is no doubt that the most basic method of object is log, This method outputs parameters directly on the console , If you enter more than one parameter , Then the output arguments on the console are separated by Spaces , As shown below :

console.log('Hello World');
console.log('Hello', 'World');

Open console , The results are shown in the following figure :

console.log Also contains something similar to Python Placeholder function , however , The individual thinks this function can be completely by ES6 The string template in , Those who are interested can learn about it , No more details here .

Classification of output

Tired of console.log Monotonous output ? Welcome to try console Object classification output function .console The object provides info、warn、error Methods output prompts separately 、 Warnings and error messages .

We enter the following code :


The results are shown in the following figure :

You can find ,warn and error Method outputs a warning and an error message, respectively . however , Why? log Methods and info The output of the method is the same ?

The reason lies in , I'm using Chrome browser , stay Chrome The browser ,log Methods and info The representation of the method is the same . however , On other browsers , such as FireFox,info The method is preceded by an information icon .

because info The effect of the method is not obvious , And the effect varies from browser to browser , So in general , We use log Methods to replace info Method .

Assert that the output

console Objects provide methods similar to assertions in unit tests :assert. This method takes two parameters , The first parameter is the assertion condition , The second parameter represents the assertion information .

Same as unit test assertions , When the assertion condition is true when ,assert There is no output ; Only if the assertion condition is false when ,assert Method outputs an assertion error message in the console .

We enter the following code :

console.assert(true, 'true')
console.assert(false, 'false')

The console is shown below :

You can find , The console outputs only that assertion with the condition false The sentence of .

Grouping output

When your console outputs a lot of information , The console can be extremely cluttered , You don't even know which code is outputting a particular piece of information . here ,console Object's group as well as groupEnd Methods can save you .

Will be part of console Statements into group And groupEnd Between , You can form this part console The statement is delimited as a set of information to output . among ,group Method to receive a character , As the group name ,groupEnd Method does not accept arguments to end the grouping .

Enter the following code :'1')

The result is shown in the figure :

Click on the group arrow , You can fold groups , Easy to organize console information , Avoid overwhelming the console with information .

Form the output

We can not only group console information into output , We can also output it as a table .

console Of table Method outputs an object as a table , When the input parameter is not an object , here ,table The method is equivalent to log Method .

Enter the following code :

const obj = {
a: {
id: 1,
value: 1
b: {
id: 2,
value: 2
}; console.log(obj) console.table(obj)

The console is shown in the figure :

The console not only outputs objects as tables , Objects are also printed out as base output to facilitate viewing information .

Would the output

In daily development , There is a common debugging requirement —— Counts the number of times a piece of code is executed . Generally speaking , We'll define a variable in this code , It increments itself every time it is executed , And pass console.log Method outputs the variable .

It can be seen that , The above method is slightly troublesome , Can you solve this problem with one line of code ? Certainly. !count Method , You deserve it .

for(let i = 0; i < 5; i++){

The results are shown in the following figure :

You can find ,count Method to distinguish the different count statements by the input string .

Timing output

When testing algorithm performance , Time complexity is often used to evaluate the performance of an algorithm , however , Where does the time complexity make the code execution time intuitive ?

Not before console When the object , We get the timestamps at the beginning and end of the algorithm , Takes the difference of the timestamp as the code execution time . Obviously , This method is too cumbersome .

Use console Object's time as well as timeEnd Method to calculate the code execution time .

let sum = 0;
for (let i = 0; i < 100000;i++) {
sum += i;

The results are shown in the following figure :


In addition to the above methods ,cnosole Methods there are many more powerful methods , such as :dir、debug、trace etc. , But some of them are Chrome The effect not beautiful , Some can be Chrome debugger Perfect replacement , therefore , No more details here . If you are interested , You can learn more about it .

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