One 、String Object properties

1、length attribute :

length It's a very common property in string , Its function is to get the length of the string . Of course, it's important to note that js In Chinese, each character represents only one character , It may be different from other languages .

var str = 'abc';
console.log(str.length); //

2、prototype attribute :

prototype It is often used in object-oriented programming , Used to add properties or methods to an object , And the added method or property is shared on all instances . So it's also used to extend js Built-in objects , For example, the following code adds a method to remove the spaces on both sides of the string .

String.prototype.trim = function(){
return this.replace(/^\s*|\s*$/g, '');

Two 、String Object methods

1、 Get class method :

(1) charAt():

charAt() Method can be used to get a string at a specified location ,index Is the string index value , from 0 Start to string.leng – 1, If not, an empty string will be returned . Such as :

var str = 'abcde';
console.log(str.charAt(2)); // return c
console.log(str.charAt(8)); // Returns an empty string
(2) charCodeAt():

charCodeAt() Method to return the Unicode code .charCodeAt() Methods and charAt() The method is similar to , You need to pass in an index value as a parameter , The difference is that the former returns the encoding of the character in the specified position , The latter returns a string of characters .

var str = 'abcde';
console.log(str.charCodeAt(0)); // return 97 
(3) fromCharCode():

fromCharCode() One or more of Unicode value , Then return a string . The other way is String Static method of , Each character in a string is represented by a separate number Unicode Code designation .

String.fromCharCode(97, 98, 99, 100, 101); // return abcde

2. Find class methods

(1) indexOf():

indexOf() Used to retrieve the first occurrence of a specified string value in a string . It can take two parameters ,searchvalue Represents the substring to look up ,fromindex Indicates where the search starts , If omitted, search from the beginning .

var str = 'abcdeabcde';
console.log(str.indexOf('a')); // return 0
console.log(str.indexOf('a', 3)); // return 5
console.log(str.indexOf('bc')); // return 1
(2) lastIndexOf() Method :

lastIndexOf() Syntax and indexOf() similar , It returns the last occurrence of a specified substring value , The retrieval order is from the back to the front .

var str = 'abcdeabcde';
console.log(str.lastIndexOf('a')); // return 5
console.log(str.lastIndexOf('a', 3)); // return 0 From the second index 3 Search ahead for the location of
console.log(str.lastIndexOf('bc')); // return 6
(3) search() Method :

search() Method to retrieve the substring specified in the string , Or retrieve the substring that matches the regular expression . It returns the starting position of the first matching substring , If there is no match , Then return to -1.

var str = 'abcDEF';
console.log('c')); // return 2
console.log('d')); // return -1
console.log(; // return 3
(4) match() Method :

match() Method to retrieve the specified value in a string , Or find a match for one or more regular expressions .

If the parameter is passed in a substring or a regular expression without a global match , that match() Method will perform a match from the start , If it doesn't match the result , Then return to null. Otherwise, an array will be returned , The... Of the array 0 The elements hold the matching text , besides , The returned array also contains two object properties index and input, Indicates the starting character index of the matched text and stringObject References to ( The original string ).

var str = '1a2b3c4d5e';
console.log(str.match('h')); // return null
console.log(str.match('b')); // return ["b", index: 3, input: "1a2b3c4d5e"]
console.log(str.match(/b/)); // return ["b", index: 3, input: "1a2b3c4d5e"]

If a parameter is passed in a regular expression with a global match , that match() Match multiple times from start , Until the last . If it doesn't match the result , Then return to null. Otherwise, an array will be returned , The array holds all the required substrings , And there's no index and input attribute .

var str = '1a2b3c4d5e';
console.log(str.match(/h/g)); // return null
console.log(str.match(/\d/g)); // return ["1", "2", "3", "4", "5"]

3. Intercepting class methods

(1) substring():

substring() Is the most commonly used string interception method , It can take two parameters ( Parameter cannot be negative ), They are the start position and the end position to intercept , It will return a new string , Its content is from start Go to end-1 All characters at . If the end parameter (end) Omit , Says from the start The position is intercepted until the end .

var str = 'abcdefg';
console.log(str.substring(1, 4)); // return bcd
console.log(str.substring(1)); // return bcdefg
console.log(str.substring(-1)); // return abcdefg, Negative values are passed in as 0
(2) slice():

slice() Methods and substring() The method is very similar , The two parameters it passes in also correspond to the start position and the end position respectively . And the difference is ,slice() Parameters in can be negative values , If the parameter is negative , This parameter specifies the position from the end of the string . in other words ,-1 The last character of a string .

var str = 'abcdefg';
console.log(str.slice(1, 4)); // return bcd
console.log(str.slice(-3, -1)); // return ef
console.log(str.slice(1, -1)); // return bcdef
console.log(str.slice(-1, -3)); // Returns an empty string , If there is a problem with the parameter passed in , It returns null
(3) substr():

substr() Method to extract from a string start The specified number of characters from which the subscript begins . The return value is a string , Contains from stringObject Of start( Include start The character referred to ) At the beginning of length Characters . If not specified length, The returned string contains the start To stringObject The ending character of . In addition, if start It's a negative number , It means starting from the end of the string .

var str = 'abcdefg';
console.log(str.substr(1, 3)) // return bcd
console.log(str.substr(2)) // return cdefg
console.log(str.substr(-2, 4)) // return fg, If the target is long , Subject to the actual length of interception

4. Other methods

(1) replace() Method :

replace() Method is used for string replacement operations , It can take two parameters , The former is the substring to be replaced ( It can be regular ), The latter is the replacement text .

If the first parameter passes in a substring or a regular expression without global matching , that replace() Method will be replaced only once ( That is to replace the front one ), Returns the result string after one replacement .

var str = 'abcdeabcde';
console.log(str.replace('a', 'A')); // Abcdeabcde
console.log(str.replace(/a/, 'A')); // Abcdeabcde

If the first parameter passes in a globally matched regular expression , that replace() There will be multiple substitutions for eligible substrings , Finally, the result string that has been replaced many times is returned .

var str = 'abcdeabcdeABCDE';
console.log(str.replace(/a/g, 'A')); // AbcdeAbcdeABCDE
console.log(str.replace(/a/gi, '$')); // $bcde$bcde$BCDE
(2) split() Method :

split() Method is used to split a string into an array of strings . The first parameter separator Represents the split position ( References ), The second parameter howmany Represents the maximum allowed length of the returned array ( In general, it is not set ).

var str = 'a|b|c|d|e';
console.log(str.split('|')); // ["a", "b", "c", "d", "e"]
console.log(str.split('|', 3)); // ["a", "b", "c"]
console.log(str.split('')); // ["a", "|", "b", "|", "c", "|", "d", "|", "e"]

You can also use regularization for segmentation

var str = 'a1b2c3d4e';
console.log(str.split(/\d/)); // ["a", "b", "c", "d", "e"]
(3) toLowerCase() and toUpperCase():

toLowerCase() Method to convert uppercase letters in a string to lowercase ,toUpperCase() Method to convert lowercase letters in a string to uppercase letters .

var str = 'JavaScript';
console.log(str.toLowerCase()); // javascript
console.log(str.toUpperCase()); // JAVASCRIPT

trim() The method is to remove the space around the string , But you can't get rid of the spaces inside the string .

var str = ' aa b ';
console.log(str.trim()); // 'aa b'

concat() Method will convert all its parameters to a string , Then connect to the string in order stringObject Tail of , And return the connected string . Please note that ,stringObject It's not changed .

var str1="Hello ";
var str2="world!";
console.log(str1.concat(str2)); // Hello world!

Tips : Please note that , Use " + " Operators are usually easier to join strings .


sub() Method is used to display a string as a subscript .

var str="Hello world!";
console.log("<p>Subscript: " + str.sub() + "</p>"); // Subscript: Hello World!

sup() Method is used to display a string as a superscript .

var str="Hello world!";
console.log("<p>Supscript: " + str.sup() + "</p>"); // Supscript: Hello world!

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