LintCode 192. Wildcard Matching (Hard)

LeetCode 44. Wildcard Matching (Hard)

The second time, I was abused by this question . It's just kneeling in one place , It's about mustFail The place of .

When *p && !*s When , explain s It's been used up , p It's not exhausted yet , In this case, exit all recursive returns directly false, because s There's no match p, that s+1, s+2... It's even more impossible to match strings p.

class Solution {
bool mustFail = false;
bool isMatch(const char *s, const char *p) {
if (!s || !p) return false;
while (*s && *p && *s == *p || *p == '?') {
if (*p == '*') {
while (*p == '*') ++p;
if (!*p) return true;
do {
while (*s && !(*s == *p || *p == '?')) ++s;
if (isMatch(s, p)) return true;
if (mustFail) return false;
} while (*s);
return false;
if (*p && !*s) {
mustFail = true;
return !*s && !*p;

Time complexity : O(mn)

Spatial complexity : O(1)( Regardless of the recursive stack overhead )

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