1.%s,%r The difference between

When formatting output ,%r And %s The difference is like repr() Functions deal with objects and str() Functions handle differences in objects .

  • %s ⇒ str(), Comparative intelligence ;
  • %r ⇒ repr(), The treatment is simple and direct ;

When dealing with some simple objects , There is little difference between the two , This paper focuses on some different usages of the two :

1.1 When processing strings

>> s = 'world'
>> print('hello %s'%s)
hello world
>> print('hello %r'%s)
hello 'world' >> str(s)
>> repr(s)

1.2   datetime In the library datetime object

>> from datetime import datetime
>> timeinfo = datetime.today() >> timeinfo
datetime.datetime(2017, 11, 23, 11, 19, 24, 840479)
>> type(timeinfo)
datetime.datetime >> repr(timeinfo)
'datetime.datetime(2017, 11, 23, 11, 19, 24, 840479)'
>> str(timeinfo)
'2017-11-23 11:19:24.840479'

2.__str__,__repr__ The difference between

class Test(object):
def __init__(self, value='hello, world!'):
self.data = value >>> t = Test()
>>> t
<__main__.Test at 0x7fa91c307190>
>>> print t
<__main__.Test object at 0x7fa91c307190> # Did you see that? ? It's not very friendly to print class objects , Shows the memory address of the object
# Let's refactor this class __repr__ as well as __str__, Look at the difference between them # restructure __repr__
class TestRepr(Test):
def __repr__(self):
return 'TestRepr(%s)' % self.data >>> tr = TestRepr()
>>> tr
TestRepr(hello, world!)
>>> print tr
TestRepr(hello, world!) # restructure __repr__ After the method , Whether output objects directly or through print All the printed information is according to our __repr__ Method is displayed in the format defined in
# Actually, it's because I didn't find __str__ Method , With __repr__ Method
# restructure __str__
calss TestStr(Test):
def __str__(self):
return '[Value: %s]' % self.data >>> ts = TestStr()
>>> ts
<__main__.TestStr at 0x7fa91c314e50>
>>> print ts
[Value: hello, world!] # You'll find that , Direct output object ts It didn't press us __str__ Method , While using print The output has changed

3. summary

Built-in functions str() and repr() (representation, expression , Express ) Or the back quote operator (``) You can easily get the content of the object in the form of string 、 type 、 Numerical attributes and so on .str() Function to get a good readability string ( So it was print call ), and repr() Function can be used to retrieve the object , Usually obj==eval(repr(obj)) This equation holds . These two functions take an object as their argument , Returns the appropriate string .

in fact repr() and `` Do the same thing , Returns the “ official ” String representation . The result is that most of the time ( Not all ) It can be evaluated ( Built-in functions eval()) Get the object back .

str() Is different , It generates a readable string representation of the object , The results are usually not available eval() evaluation , But suitable for print Output .

>>> class D(object):
... def __str__(self):
... return "a __str__"
... def __repr__(self):
... return "a __repr__"
>>> dr = D()
>>> print(dr)
a __str__
>>> dr
a __repr__
>>> "%s" % dr
'a __str__'
>>> "%r" % dr
'a __repr__' # Be careful __repr__ Methods not only affect repr() It also affects %r Format output .str In the same way

Why repr() It also needs to be ``? 

Python in , Some operators and functions do the same thing , The reason is that in some cases functions are more suitable than operators , For example, function objects can be passed as parameters . Double star (**) Power operation and pow() Built in functions all return x Of y Power .

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