Problem Description
Passing through the valley means leaving the great devil lemon It's infinitely close !

But who would have thought ,yifenfei After killing some of them , But once again facing the test of the great labyrinth of fate , This is the devil lemon Another organ set up . Need to know , No matter who , If you're trapped in a maze 1 hours , There is no doubt that he will die !

pitiful yifenfei In order to save them MM, I jumped into the maze without hesitation . Let's help him !

The great labyrinth of destiny can be seen as a two-dimensional grid array , As shown in the figure below :

H" title="Problem H">

yifenfei It started in the upper left corner , The goal, of course, is to reach the location of the great devil in the lower right corner . Every grid in the maze is cursed by the goddess of luck or the demon of pain , So each grid has a value , Go there and get the corresponding value automatically .

Now it is stipulated that yifenfei You can only go right or down , You can only go one space at a time . But if you go right , Then you can walk one grid at a time or go to the grid where the number of columns in the row is a multiple of the number of columns in the current row , namely : If the current grid is (x,y), The next step could be (x+1,y),(x,y+1) perhaps (x,y*k)
among k>1.

In order to be able to eliminate the devil to the greatest extent lemon,yifenfei Hope to be able to get the maximum lucky value in this big maze of fate .

H" title="Problem H">

The input data is first an integer C, Number of groups representing test data .

The first line of each set of test data is two integers n,m, It represents the number of rows and columns respectively (1<=n<=20,10<=m<=1000);

Next is n Row data , Each row contains m It's an integer , Express n That's ok m The lucky value corresponding to the lattice of the column K ( |k|<100 ).

Please output an integer for each group of test data , Express yifenfei The maximum lucky value you can get .
Sample Input
3 8
9 10 10 10
10 -10 10 10
10 -11 -1 0
2 11 10 -20
-11 -11 10
11 2 10 -10 -10
Sample Output
The question : A little ;
Their thinking : It feels like a digital triangle problem , There's a bottom-up traversal , It's kind of nice to go right k Times the number of steps , But the title says K>1; But when judging the conditions :


         d=max(d,dp[i][j/k]);// Compared with those who take a few steps, the biggest
here k There has to be something equal to j When , What's the meaning , It's not rigorous ;
Sentiment : I think I have a sense of achievement
Code :



#define M 1500

#define N 30

#define INT 0x3f3f3f3f

using namespace std;

int t,n,m,dp[N][M];

int main()







for(int i=1;i<=n;i++)

for(int j=1;j<=m;j++)


for(int i=0;i<=n;i++)






for(int i=1;i<=n;i++)

for(int j=1;j<=m;j++)


if(i==1&&j==1)// The first step is not state transition


else if(j==1)// The one on the far left can't be transferred to the right




int d=dp[i][j-1];// It's a step to the right

for(int k=2;k<=j;k++)


d=max(d,dp[i][j/k]);// Compared with those who take a few steps, the biggest







//for(int i=1;i<=n;i++)


//    for(int

printf("%d ",dp[i][j]);








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