Nodejs The biggest feature is based on event driven and asynchronous concurrent operation . Most people know nodejs It's a new platform for network background services , Can be very convenient to provide background services ; In addition to network development , Actually nodejs For offline file concurrent processing is also very convenient , differ C++、java, utilize nodejs Can quickly build read-write framework , Implementation of file processing operations .

This paper introduces a common file format in program development (csv) To deal with . stay nodejs In the development package provided by the official website , There's a lot about csv My bag , The most downloaded is CSV package , Here's how to use CSV Packages handle files .

Download the package first :

npm install csv

Use the examples on the official website :

//node samples/string.js
var csv =require('csv');
csv() .from('"1","2","3","4"\n"a","b","c","d"') .to(console.log )
//Output: //1,2,3,4

The first thing to do is to quote csv modular ,require('csv'), After the references , The encapsulated methods and properties can be used directly .csv() Equivalent to instantiating an object ,.from and .to All are csv The way of encapsulation

.from() Method : seeing the name of a thing one thinks of its function , Is to read data from the source file , Parameters can be passed directly to strings as above , Also like the following advanced application, the path to the source file .

.to() Method : Yes, from form Method , It can be output to the console , It can also be output to the target file . This example is output to the console .

 // node samples/sample.js
var fs =require('fs');
var csv =require('csv');
return row;
console.log('#'+index+' '+JSON.stringify(row));
// when writing to a file, use the 'close' event
// the 'end' event may fire before the file has been written
console.log('Number of lines: '+count);
// Output:
// #0 ["2000-01-01","20322051544","1979.0","8.8017226E7","ABC","45"]
// #1 ["2050-11-27","28392898392","1974.0","8.8392926E7","DEF","23"]
// Number of lines: 2

.transform() Method : Handle from Read out the data , Write to the target file after processing ; Parameters can be passed to callback functions , In the callback function , You can write methods for processing data .

.on() :  Event monitoring mechanism ,

'record' Listen for each line of record read out , Parameters in row It's a row of data ,index It's the number of data , Be careful , The number of data is just the number of data read out , Not the number of data processed , because nodejs Is asynchronous operation , So processing data is batch , The program will send the data batch by batch to transform, Wait until a batch is processed before writing to the target file , So the number read out index Often greater than the number of files that have been written , How to capture the number of written files after processing , It will be dealt with later .

'end'  Event triggered after processing a file ;

'error'  While processing data , An event triggered by an exception occurs ;

'close' Events triggered when a file is closed ;

Advanced usage :

csv The advanced part of the module is that it reads data by line , The data read out is in the form of objects , The column name is the name of the object key, The value is value, So it's very easy to take the value of each column , Don't want to c++ You have to parse fields as well .

.from.path(strSrcPath, {header: true, columns: true})

from The second parameter setting in the method separates the columns ;

When writing the processed data to a new file , You can also set parameters .


header: true


,newColumns: true

,end: false


,flags : 'w'


Here is a description of each parameter

*   `delimiter`   csv The separator for each column of the file ;

*   `columns`     Target file the columns of the target file ,

*   `header`      With or without a header ;

*    `lineBreaks`   Separate the identification between the lines , Yes  'auto', 'unix', 'mac', 'windows', 'unicode' several ;

*   `flags`        Create a new target file or append data to an existing target file ,’w’ newly build ;’a’ Additional ;

*   `end`         In response to end Before the news , The document is not writable ;

csv Breakpoint continuation

this csv The only drawback of the module is that it doesn't support breakpoints , That is, a file is not processed completely , Next time we'll deal with it . The key to solve this problem is to capture the number of data that the program has processed , Mentioned earlier 'record' You can only listen to the number that the program reads , It does not represent the number of files that have been written . Followed csv The source code of the module , Found that as long as you modify the source code , Listen to the event of each batch write to the target file , The problem is solved .

this.emit("writen", this.state.countWriten);

stay csv.js Add custom listening Events ,countWriten It is the number of target files written each time . And then call csv Add this event to the module .

.on('writen', function(index){

console.log("rtn", index);


In this way, the number of written files can be captured in real time , This data can be written to a cursor file and recorded . With a little modification ,csv The module supports breakpoints , It's perfect to use .

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