Tomcat( a key )

Tomcat It's a match for Java EE Web Standard minimum web Containers , be-all jsp The program must have WEB Container support can be run , And in the given WEB The container will support transaction operations .

Tomcat By Apache Provided (

1.1Tomcat install

If you want to install Tomcat Before , Please turn off the virus firewall of this machine first . And make sure there's already... On the computer JDK(Tomcat There has to be JDK Support for , without , Unable to run ).

1.2Tomcat Catalog

l  bin: Save the path of all executable programs ;

l  conf: Save all profile information ;

l  lib: Save the third party's *.jar file , It can be understood that this directory is CLASSPATH;

l  logs: Save all server log information , If the server has an error , You can use the .log The file to view ;

l  webapps: Hot deployment path of the project ;

l  work: Save all generated temporary files , The contents of this folder can be emptied at any time .

1.3Tomcat Configure virtual directory ( The core )

When Tomcat After the installation is complete , In fact, it can't develop the project right now , Often need to be right tomcat To configure , Each virtual directory can be understood as the workspace of a project ( Written by hand ), The configuration is as follows :

1、  Create a destination folder in the right place on the disk , And use this folder as the development path of the project ;

2、  If you want to be WEB The development path of the project , Then you need to save a... In this file directory WEB-INF At the same time, you need to provide a web.xml file .

l  This file and folder can be accessed directly through Tomcat\webapps\ROOT Copy under Directory

3、  modify conf/server.xml file , In this file, you need to configure the path of the virtual directory , stay 138 Yes </host> Write code on top of ;

The meaning of this configuration is as follows :

l  “<Context>”: Indicates to configure a context ( Virtual directory )

l  Path attribute : Represents the access path of the browser , visit :http://localhost:8080/mywebs;

l  docBase attribute : The path of the configured folder , There must be... In this location WEB-INF Catalog ;

4、  If you want the virtual directory to work , You have to Tomcat Restart , In the future, as long as it is revised Tomcat Medium .xml file , It also has to be restarted Tomcat Can be loaded into the new configuration .

5、  In theory, the above configuration can be used . But now there's a little problem , from Tomcat6.x After the version , By default, if the user accesses the path , You can't browse all the files in this path directly , If you want to turn on browse mode , It needs to be modified conf/web.xml file ;

6、  Change the default port number , route conf/server.xml

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