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I don't know if it's a good habit , I like reading , I also like to buy books . It's not a local purchase , It's about buying it all , I think it's the books I buy that make me comfortable . You can draw your favorite sentences at will , You can jot down your feelings .

Little brother's new book is over again , Started to talk to me about buying a set of comics China Season 3 and terrible Science . I can't remember how many books this is my little brother's , I only know that there are many books in my family , Books that are already full of several shelves , It's his hobby , It's what he learned .

Because of the love of words , I have no resistance to books . Every time he called for several books , I still have to pick and choose to buy more , If you don't buy books several times a month, you always feel that something is missing . therefore , My bookshelves are just a little bit full , My family's stack of books is just a little bit bigger and bigger .

Actually , I really envy that children nowadays have so many choices in reading . I'm older than my younger brother ( My little brother is eight and a half years old ) When I was older , There are also very few books to read . It seems that textbooks are often the best reading materials , Every time a new book comes out , If you have to eat and not sleep, you have to read it first .

At that time, textbooks were treated , Especially in Chinese textbooks . Every time I wash my hands carefully , Hold it carefully , Never let their textbooks have the phenomenon of tearing pages or curling edges .

It's not that my family has no conditions to buy some books for me , It's not that parents are not willing to pay for books . It's just , It was very inconvenient to buy books at that time . Except Xinhua bookstore , You can't buy extra-curricular books anywhere else , Xinhua Bookstore in the county is far away from home , And the transportation is not as convenient as it is now . So the desire to buy books , It can only be realized when the conditions of favorable weather, location and people are satisfied .

At that time , It's really a luxury to buy an extra-curricular book . Only when my father occasionally went to the county , Will buy me a book . At that time, I was looking forward to my father riding his grand bike to the county , Because not only will there be delicious food , There will also be a thin extra-curricular book .

The most memorable book is a book called 《 Little flowers 》 A selection of my compositions , It was one of the few composition books I had when I was in primary school . On that day , When my father took the book out of his bag and gave it to me , I responded with a happy shout . On that day , I'm holding a Book , Sit on the threshold and see the dark all the time , No one shouts , When I finish reading the whole book , Only then discovered that the leg did not know when already numb cannot stand up .

later , I've seen it again and again , I also lent it to my friends to see it several times . later , I don't know when I lost it , It's a pity . But , The satisfaction it gave me at the time , But always stay in my heart .

Fortunately, my little brother is a little book fan like me , Don't play mobile games , I seldom watch cartoons , Almost all the extra-curricular time is devoted to extra-curricular books . And books , It also brought him rich knowledge and a wider world .

Your book , My book , The difference is the same . Your books are rich , My books are scarce , But it brings us the same pleasure .

I can't help but think of the paragraph of Sanmao that influenced me a lot :“ There are so many books , The face changes naturally , A lot of time , I may think that many of the books I have read are gone , No more memories , In fact, they are still potential . In temperament , In conversation , In the boundless mind , Of course, it may also be revealed in life and words .”

Keep company with books , Choose books carefully , Study hard ……

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