Hungry Chinese style ( recommend )

package concurencyv2.chapter1;
public class SingletonV2 {
private static final SingletonV2 instance = new SingletonV2(); private SingletonV2() {} public static SingletonV2 getInstance() {
return instance;

advantage : Preliminary static instance To create a . If we were Singleton Class to write a static method without creating an instance , It still creates an instance early . And reduce memory usage .

shortcoming : No, lazy loading The effect of , So as to reduce the utilization of memory .

Single thread

package concurencyv2.chapter1;
public class SingletonV1 {
private static SingletonV1 instance = null; private SingletonV1() {} public SingletonV1 getInstance() {
if(null == instance)
instance = new SingletonV1();
return SingletonV1.instance;

annotation : Singleton Static properties of instance in , Only instance by null Create an instance only when you're finished , Constructor private , Make sure that only one... Is created at a time , Avoid creating repeatedly .

shortcoming :4 It only works normally with a single thread , In the case of multithreading , There will be problems . for example : When two threads run at the same time to judge instance Whether it is empty if sentence , also instance It's not really a good time to create , Then both threads will create an instance .

Slacker type

package concurencyv2.chapter1;
public class SingletonV3 {
private SingletonV3() {
} private static SingletonV3 instance; public synchronized static SingletonV3 getInstance() {
if(null == instance)
instance = new SingletonV3();
return SingletonV3.instance;

annotation : On the basis of single thread, the synchronization lock is added , So that in the case of multithreading can be used . for example : When two threads want to create an instance at the same time , Because only one thread can get synchronization lock at a time , When the first thread is locked , The second thread can only wait . The first thread found that the instance was not created , Created by . The first thread releases the synchronization lock , Only the second thread can add the synchronization lock , Execute the following code . Because the first thread has created an instance , So the second thread doesn't need to create an instance . Ensure that there is only one instance in a multithreaded environment .

shortcoming : Each time through getInstance Method to get singleton There is a process of trying to get the synchronization lock in the instance . And as we all know , Locking is time consuming . Avoid if you can .

double check

package concurencyv2.chapter1;
public class SingletonV4 {
private SingletonV4() { } private static SingletonV4 instance; public static SingletonV4 getInstance() {
if(null == instance) {
synchronized (SingletonV4.class) {
if(null == instance)
instance = new SingletonV4();
return SingletonV4.instance;

annotation : Only when instance by null when , Need to get synchronization lock , Create an instance . When an instance is created , There is no need to try to lock .

shortcoming : A null pointer exception may occur , A thread gets the synchronization lock , And created , But initialization is not complete yet . Another thread directly getInstace, So the object that this thread might get , There are places where initialization is not complete , Causes null pointer of reference .

double check and add volatile ( recommend )

package concurencyv2.chapter1;
public class SingletonV5 {
private SingletonV5() { } private static volatile SingletonV5 instance; public static SingletonV5 getInstance() {
if(null == instance) {
synchronized (SingletonV5.class) {
if(null == instance)
instance = new SingletonV5();
return SingletonV5.instance;

advantage : stay instance To add the volatile, Make sure that the write operation has been completed every time the read operation is executed .

Static inner class ( recommend )

package concurencyv2.chapter1;
public class SingletonV6 {
private SingletonV6() {}
private static class SingletonHolder {
public static final SingletonV6 instance = new SingletonV6();
} public SingletonV6 getInstance() {
return SingletonHolder.instance;

enumeration enum

package concurencyv2.chapter1;
public class SingletonV7 {
private SingletonV7() {
} private enum Singleton {
private SingletonV7 instance; Singleton() {
instance = new SingletonV7();
} public static SingletonV7 getInstance() {
return Singleton.SINGLETON.instance;

utilize enum Features that are initialized only once , Guaranteed thread security .

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