as everyone knows ,printf It's a convenience 、 intuitive 、 Easy to write 、 Printing functions with variable length parameters , But it has a fatal flaw , The following statement will cause a serious runtime error in the program :

printf("%s", 1);

Then the program interrupts , Programmers wake up late at night by phone …… When the nightmare is interrupted, it falls into another nightmare . After deep research, we found that , Behind the scenes is C The problem of language variable length parameter transfer .

  1. No parameter type passed .

  2. No number of parameters passed .

Of course , stay C Language can still solve this problem , but …… But inevitably lost printf Elegance of .C++ Has it improved ? disappointment ……

until C++ Finally, a new standard of argument parameter transfer is released . from Kenny Kerr(1) and sasha(2) Put forward an idea . stay github in , Found a solution tinyformat(3).

But it's not over , To put tinyformat be used for log4cpp in , For the use of vc2010 Programming project provides a safe and reliable log module . Especially for service programs , Daily use can't stop .

encapsulation log4cpp

log4cpp There's a lot of configuration statements , It's not very convenient to use , reference Lan'Sir(4) The article is encapsulated as follows :

class LogBase
static LogBase *m_pInstance;
log4cpp::Category *m_pRoot;
m_pRoot = &log4cpp::Category::getRoot();
LogBase& operator=(LogBase&);
LogBase(const LogBase&); public:
if ( m_pRoot != NULL) { delete m_pRoot; m_pRoot = NULL; }
if ( m_pInstance != NULL) { delete m_pInstance; m_pInstance = NULL; }
static LogBase* getInstance()
if( m_pInstance == NULL) m_pInstance = new LogBase(); return m_pInstance;
void log(log4cpp::Priority::Value priority, const std::string& message)
if (m_pRoot != NULL) m_pRoot->log(priority, message);
}; LogBase* LogBase::m_pInstance = NULL;

Use tinyformat

What is depressing is vs2010 Support C++98 instead of C++11. fortunately tinyformat The author has done some work —— Use macro to define loop settings 1-16 A function of two variables .

// C++98 version
void log_info(const char* s)
std::string m = s;
LogBase *pInstance = LogBase::getInstance(); \
if (pInstance != NULL) pInstance->log(log4cpp::Priority::INFO, s); \
#define MAKE_LOG_INFO_FUNC(n) \
void log_info(const char* fmt, TINYFORMAT_VARARGS(n)) \
{ \
std::string m = tfm::format(fmt, TINYFORMAT_PASSARGS(n)); \
LogBase *pInstance = LogBase::getInstance(); \
if (pInstance != NULL) pInstance->log(log4cpp::Priority::INFO, m); \

Now you can have a try :

int _tmain(int argc, _TCHAR* argv[])
log_info("hello %s!", 555);
log_info("hello world%s!");
return 0; }


  1. Use... In your own projects at the same time jsoncpp and log4cpp Of lib

    Compile separately lib when , Need to attribute .C/C++. Code generation . Runtime Unified . For example, they are all set to “ Multithreading /MT” Or both are set to “ Multithreaded debugging /MTD”.

    There are the same function names in different types of runtime , There will be duplicate definitions and definition conflict errors when connecting together .

    For details, please refer to the article :“ About VC link2005 Repeat the definition , Define the error resolution of the conflict ”(5) as well as “ Configure your own OpenGL library ,glew、freeglut Library compilation , Library conflict resolution ( attach OpenGL Demo Program )”(6)

  2. Eliminate warnings : Not found PDB“vc100.pdb”

    compile jsoncpp and log4cpp Of lib when , Part of the debug information is put in vc100.pdb In file . Unable to find when compiling and linking your own project vc100.pdb Warning information of .

    In general , When you debug your own project, you don't track jsoncpp and log4cpp Internal . If you really suspect that they have a problem , They also debug in their own projects . therefore , The simple and reasonable solution is to compile lib when , Turn off debugging information .

    take attribute .C/C++. routine . Debug message format Set to null .

    If you still want to keep it in your own project lib This debugging information , To solve the problem of file name conflict . See “warning LNK4099: Not found PDB”(7)

  3. Eliminate warnings : Unresolved external symbols __imp__WSACleanup

    compile log4cpp Of lib You may use ws2_32.lib. See “ Unresolved external symbols __imp__WSACleanup@”(8).

    In the add header file , Add reference :

#pragma comment(lib,"ws2_32.lib")

Reference link :

  1. Windows with C++ - Using Printf with Modern C++

  2. Compile-Time and Runtime-Safe Replacement for “printf”


  4. Linux Mixed programming +log4cpp

  5. About VC link2005 Repeat the definition , Define the error resolution of the conflict

  6. Configure your own OpenGL library ,glew、freeglut Library compilation , Library conflict resolution ( attach OpenGL Demo Program )

  7. warning LNK4099: Not found PDB“vc120.pdb”

  8. Unresolved external symbols __imp__WSACleanup@

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