Nginx The configuration file of is a micro programming language , A lot of real world Nginx The configuration file is actually a small program . Of course , Is it right? “ Turing is complete ” For the time being , At least according to my observation , It's designed by Perl and Bourne Shell These two languages have a great influence . At this point , comparison Apache and Lighttpd Others, such as Web Server configuration notation , I can't help saying it's Nginx It's a big feature of . Since it's a programming language , In general, it is necessary to “ Variable ” This kind of thing ( Of course ,Haskell Except for such strange functional languages ).

be familiar with Perl、Bourne Shell、C/C++ And so on imperative programming language's friend certainly knew , Variables are simply stored “ value ” The container of . And so called “ value ”, In many programming languages , It can be either  3.14  Something like that , It can also be  hello world  Such a string , It can even be like arrays 、 Hash table is a complex data structure . However , stay Nginx Configuration in progress , Variables can hold only one type of value , Because there is only one type of value , That's the string .

Like our  nginx.conf  The file has the following line configuration :

    set $a "hello world";

We used standards  ngx_rewrite  Modular  set  Configuration instruction pair variables  $a  The assignment operation is carried out . Specially , We put the string  hello world  Given it .

We see ,Nginx The variable name is preceded by a  $  Symbol , This is the requirement of notation . be-all Nginx Variable in Nginx All references in the configuration file must be accompanied with  $  Prefix . This representation is similar to Perl、PHP These languages are similar .

although  $  Such variable prefixes make orthodox  Java  and  C#  Programmers are not comfortable , But the benefits of this representation are obvious , That is, you can directly embed variables into string constants to construct new strings :

    set $a hello;
    set $b "$a, $a";

Here we go through what we have Nginx Variable  $a  Value , To construct variables  $b  Value , So after these two instructions are executed in sequence ,$a  The value of is hello, and  $b  The value of is  hello, hello. This technology Perl The world is called “ Variable interpolation ”(variable interpolation), It makes specialized string splicing operators less necessary . We might as well use this term here .

Let's look at a more complete configuration example :

    server {
        listen 8080;
        location /test {
            set $foo hello;
            echo "foo: $foo";

This example omits  nginx.conf  The outermost part of the configuration file  http  Configuration block and  events  Configuration block . Use  curl  This HTTP The client requests this on the command line  /test  Interface , We can get

    $ curl 'http://localhost:8080/test'
    foo: hello

Here we use a third party  ngx_echo  Modular  echo  Configuration instructions will  $foo  The value of the variable is output as the response body of the current request .

We see ,echo  The parameters of the configuration command also support “ Variable interpolation ”. however , It should be noted that , Not all configuration instructions support “ Variable interpolation ”. in fact , Whether the instruction parameter allows “ Variable interpolation ”, Depending on the implementation module of the instruction .

If we want to pass  echo  Instruction direct output contains “ Dollar symbol ”($) String , So is there any way to put the special  $  Characters are escaped ? The answer is No ( At least up to date Nginx Stable version  1.0.10). But fortunately , We can get around this limitation , For example, by not supporting “ Variable interpolation ” The module configuration instruction of is specially constructed with the value of  $  Of Nginx Variable , And then in  echo  Use this variable . Here's an example :

    geo $dollar {
        default "$";
    server {
        listen 8080;
        location /test {
            echo "This is a dollar sign: $dollar";

The test results are as follows :

    $ curl 'http://localhost:8080/test'
    This is a dollar sign: $

Standard modules are used here  ngx_geo  Configuration instructions provided  geo  To be a variable  $dollar  Give the string  "$", So we need to use the dollar sign below , Just quote our  $dollar  Variables are OK . Actually  ngx_geo  The most common use of modules is based on the client's IP The address pair specifies Nginx Variable assignment , This is just borrowing it to “ Unconditionally ” To our  $dollar  Variables give “ Dollar symbol ” This value .

stay “ Variable interpolation ” In the context of , There is another special case , That is, when the referenced variable name is followed by the constituent character of the variable name ( For example, followed by letters 、 Numbers and underscores ), We need to use special notation to disambiguate , for example :

    server {
        listen 8080;
        location /test {
            set $first "hello ";
            echo "${first}world";

here , We are  echo  Variables are referenced in parameter values of configuration instructions  $first  When , Followed closely by  world  The word , So if you write directly  "$firstworld"  be Nginx “ Variable interpolation ” The computing engine recognizes it as a reference to a variable  $firstworld. To solve this problem ,Nginx The string notation of supports the use of curly braces in  $  Then enclose the variable name , Like here  ${first}. The output of the above example is :

    $ curl 'http://localhost:8080/test
    hello world

set  Instructions ( And as mentioned earlier  geo  Instructions ) It not only has the function of assignment , It also creates Nginx Side effects of variables , That is, when the variable as the assignment object does not exist yet , It automatically creates the variable . For example, in the above example , If  $a  This variable has not been created yet , be  set  Instructions are created automatically  $a  This user variable . If we don't create it, we just use its value , May be an error . for example

    ? server {
    ?     listen 8080;
    ?     location /bad {
    ?         echo $foo;
    ?     }
    ? }

here Nginx The server will refuse to load the configuration :

    [emerg] unknown "foo" variable

Yes , We can't even start the service !

Interestingly ,Nginx The creation and assignment of variables take place at very different times .Nginx Variable creation can only happen in Nginx When the configuration is loaded , Or say Nginx When it starts ; Assignment only happens when the request is actually processed . This means that using variables directly without creating them causes the startup to fail , It also means that we can't create new ones dynamically while the request is being processed Nginx Variable .

Nginx Once the variable is created , The visible range of its variable name is the entire Nginx To configure , Even across different virtual hosts  server Configuration block . Let's take an example :

    server {
        listen 8080;
        location /foo {
            echo "foo = [$foo]";
        location /bar {
            set $foo 32;
            echo "foo = [$foo]";

Here we are  location /bar  of use  set  Instructions create variables  $foo, So this variable is visible throughout the configuration file , So we can  location /foo  You can refer to this variable directly without worrying about it Nginx Will report a mistake .

Here's how to use  curl  The result of the tool accessing these two interfaces :

    $ curl 'http://localhost:8080/foo'
    foo = []
    $ curl 'http://localhost:8080/bar'
    foo = [32]
    $ curl 'http://localhost:8080/foo'
    foo = []

From this example we can see that ,set  Because the command is  location /bar  Used in , So the assignment will only be done when accessing  /bar  To execute . The request  /foo  Interface , We always get empty  $foo  value , Because the user variable is output without assignment , You get an empty string .

Another important feature we can see from this example is ,Nginx The visible range of variable names is the entire configuration , But each request has a separate copy of all variables , In other words, there are independent copies of the container in which each variable is used to store values , Don't interfere with each other . For example, we asked /bar  After the interface ,$foo  Variables are given values  32, But it doesn't affect the follow-up to  /foo  Interface request corresponding to  $foo  value ( It's still empty !), Because each request has its own independent  $foo  Copies of variables .

about Nginx beginners , One of the most common mistakes , Will be Nginx Variables are understood as something that is globally shared between requests , Or say “ Global variables ”. As a matter of fact ,Nginx The lifetime of a variable cannot cross the request boundary .

( To be continued )


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