Generally, splicing a string is very common in programming , Let's make a summary :

What is a place holder ? A place holder is to occupy a fixed position first , Waiting for you to add symbols to it .

1.Java How to deal with it :

package com.amos;
import java.text.MessageFormat;
* Created by amosli on 14-7-24.
public class Test { public static void main(String args[]) { // Piece together string Common methods
String name="amosli";
// Method 1:
String result = "hello,"+name;
System.out.println(result);//hello,amosli // Method 2:
result = "hello,".concat(name);
System.out.println(result);//hello,amosli // Method 3:
result = String.format("%d%s", 200, " element ");
System.out.println(result);//200 element // Method 4:
result = MessageFormat.format("hi,{0},I am {1}", "Jack", "Amosli");
System.out.println(result);//hi,Jack,I am Amosli } }

notes :

Method one should be the most used , Use it directly + No. connector ;

Method 2 Use String class concat() Method to connect , Follow + It's very similar ;

Method 3 . Four Using a place holder , Method 3 uses String.format() Method , It should be noted that the character string should be used to represent the content to be replaced %s, The number is usually %d To said .

Method 4 is used directly {n}, among n Represent the order of parameters for numbers , This and C# It's very similar in .

2.C# Placeholder in

static void Main()
string c="hello,amosli";
string m=String.Format(“{}”,c); // String format output
Console.WriteLine(m); //hello,amosli
 Here are some commonly used formatted identifiers :
Letter meaning
C or c Currency Currency format
D or d Decimal Decimal format ( Decimal integer , Do not mix .Net Of Decimal Data types are confused )
E or e Exponent Exponential format
F or f Fixed point Fixed precision format
G or g General Common formats
N or n Separate thousands of digits with commas , such as 1234 Will be turned into 1,
P or p Percentage Percent symbol format
R or r Round-trip Roundness ( For floating point numbers only ) Ensure that a number can be converted back to the same number after it is converted into a string
X or x Hex 16 Base format
Examples are as follows ( see cs_6.cs)
static void Main()
int i=;
Console.WriteLine("{0:C}",i); // currency
Console.WriteLine("{0:D}",i); // Decimal number
Console.WriteLine("{0:E}",i); // Science and Technology Law
Console.WriteLine("{0:F}",i); // floating-point number
Console.WriteLine("{0:G}",i); //G or g General Common formats
Console.WriteLine("{0:N}",i); //N or n Separate thousands of digits with commas

notes : If you use @ Symbol . He'll ignore all the escape . That is to say {1} What's the point {1} Instead of identifying the placeholder , Here we need to pay attention to . namely "@{1}" This type will not be recognized as a placeholder .

3.C Placeholder in

C Format placeholders in languages :
%a,%A Read in a floating point value ( only C99 It works )
%c Read in a character
%d Read in decimal integers
%i Read in decimal , octal , Hexadecimal integer
%o Read in octal integers
%x,%X Read in hexadecimal integers
%s Read in a string , In case of space 、 End with tab or newline .
%f,%F,%e,%E,%g,%G It's used to enter real numbers , You can enter it in decimal or exponential form .
%p Read in a pointer
%u Read in an unsigned decimal integer
%n The number of equivalent characters of the value read so far
%[] Scan character sets
%% read % Symbol Example of format input and output
scanf("%d,%d,%d",&a,&b,&c); // Enter three integers from the keyboard , Separate with commas
scanf("%c", &s); // Enter a character from the keyboard
scanf("%f", &f); // Enter a floating-point data from the keyboard printf("%d\n",a); // Output an integer
printf("%f\n",b); // Output a floating point number
printf("%s\n",c); // Output a character

Basically, we can see that the three are very similar ,Java and C# It's basically copying C Linguistic .

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