So let's see , How to use js Realization select Dynamic addition option.

//1. Dynamically create select
function createSelect(){
var mySelect = document.createElement("select"); = "mySelect";
} //2. Add options option
function addOption(){
// according to id Look for objects ,
var obj=document.getElementById('mySelect');
// Add an option
obj.add(new Option(" Text "," value ")); // Method 1 :
obj.options.add(new Option("text","value")); // Method 2 :
for(var i=0;i<10;i++){
obj.options[i]=new Option(" New text "," The new value "); // Method 3 :
} //3. Remove all options option
function removeAll(){
var obj=document.getElementById('mySelect');
} //4. Delete an option option
function removeOne(){
var obj=document.getElementById('mySelect');
var index=obj.selectedIndex; //index, To delete the serial number of an option
} //5. Get options option Value
var obj=document.getElementById('mySelect');
var index=obj.selectedIndex; // Serial number , Take the serial number of the currently selected option
var val = obj.options[index].value; //6. Get options option The text of
var obj=document.getElementById('mySelect');
var index=obj.selectedIndex;
var val = obj.options[index].text; //7. Modify options option
var obj=document.getElementById('mySelect');
var index=obj.selectedIndex;
var val = obj.options[index]=new Option(" New text "," The new value "); //8. Delete select
function removeSelect(){
var mySelect = document.getElementById("mySelect");

In the example , be used add() Method

Used to direct to <select> Add one <option> Elements .


option It's necessary . To add an option element . It has to be option or optgroup Elements .
before It's necessary . Add a new element before the element in the options array . If the parameter is null, Element to the end of the options array .

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