hyper text markup language
  Hypertext markup language
  Hypertext : Beyond the ordinary text Color change In bold Bigger Even set up hyperlinks
  Mark : The browser has been defined Some special symbols enclosed in angle brackets
  Language : Communication tools between users and browsers

html The document should be in the form of .html ending ( We can use .htm The ending doesn't recommend )
 1.html Language If the label has a beginning and an end It's called the containment mark
 2.html In language If the label has no label body It's called an empty tag
 3.html Language is not how to regulate language It's better to follow the rules
 4.html Labels are not case sensitive   Domestic developers like lowercase Lower case is better
 5.html In language Tags are best nested correctly
 6. Tags can have attributes :
   Writing format   Property name =" Property value "  "" '' "'

Text labels :
  <hn></hn> n It's a variable Value range 1-6
    characteristic :
    In bold Line break Leave blank up and down It's getting smaller from one to six
    Common properties :
    align: Alignment mode   left center right
   Text label :
   <font></font><br />
    Common properties :
    color: Color
    size: size 1-7 1 To 7 More and more big
    face: Font family
     Value of color :
     1. The English word for direct color
     2.RGB With # Start with six hexadecimal numbers #12345f
  <b></b>: In bold
  <strong></strong>: In bold   
  <i></i> : Italics
Typesetting labels :
 <hr/>: Horizontal label
  Common properties :
  width: Width
   The width value is :
   1.% percentage
  align: Alignment mode
  Line wrap label
  Paragraph Tags
   Common properties :
   align: Alignment mode
Picture label :
  <img />
    Common properties :
    src: Specify the image path
    alt: Substitute words
    width: Width
    height: Height
    Path value :
    1. Relative paths :
      current path :./logo2.png ./ Don't write
      Superior path :../img/logo2.png
    2. Absolute path :
Tabs tab
  ol: Ordered list
  ul: Unordered list
    Common properties :
    type: Control the front explicit style
     1: Default
      disc: Default
      circle: The hollow circle
      square: square
   Common sub tags
   li: List item
    Hyperlink label :
    Common properties :
    href: The path of the jump page
    target: How to open the jump page
     _blank: A new tab opens
     _self: Default
     framename: Show... In frameset
     Path value :
      Relative paths :
       current path :
       Superior path :
      Absolute road strength : website
     #: Jump to the current page
Tabular label :
  Common properties :
  width: Width
  height: Height
  cellspacing: The spacing of the table lines
  align: Alignment mode
  Common sub tags :
 tr label   That's ok
   Common properties :
   bgcolor: The background color
   align: Alignment mode
   Common sub tags :
   <td></td>: Cell
     Common properties :
     bgcolor: The background color
     align: Alignment mode
     rowspan: merger
     colspan: columns
   <th></th>: Header label
      characteristic : In bold In the middle
  Escape character :
   A common escape sign :
    Writing format
    & word ;
    Space escape character : &nbsp;
    More than no. >:   &gt; greate than
    Less than no. <:  &lt; less than
   & Symbol :  &amp;
form Form labels :
 form Form labels :
    Common properties :
    action: Submit the address
    method: Method of submission
       Default submission method
       The parameter is appended to url Back ? Parameter name = Parameter values & Parameter name = Parameter values
       The maximum number of data cannot exceed 1kb
       There is no data size limit
       Not following url Back
       It's safer
    Common sub tags :
    input: Input box
     type:(10 Kind of )
      text: Default
      password: Password box
      radio: Radio buttons
      checkbox: Checkbox
      file: Upload files
      button: General button
      submit: Submit button
      reset: Reset button
      image: Understand in understanding
      hidden: Hidden fields  
    select: Drop down the selection box
      Common sub tags
    textarea: Text field labels
      Common properties
     rows: That's ok
     cols: Column
   General properties : attribute
    1. Give the radio box Checkbox grouping
    2. If you want to submit data You have to give the label a name attribute And it has to be assigned
    1. Name the button class label
    2. Multiple choice box When you submit data You want to submit your desired value value attribute Assignment must be made.
   Set the default value :
   1. Plain text box Password box   hidden Set the default value Give me a value Property value Assignment must be made.
   2. Give the radio box Set the default value for the marquee Set it a checked attribute
   3. to select Drop down selection box to set the default value   Give it a sub tag option Set up selected attribute
   4. to textarea Set the default value Just write in the tag body
  ?username=tom&password=12345&gender=0&hobby=eat&hobby=sleep&avatar=&province=02&city=0201&desc= Hello
   Click Submit button A form submit event occurred Submit data
   stay url Followed by a question mark ? Parameter name = Parameter values
    If you have more than one parameter & Connect

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