<pre name="code" class="python"> if($msg->type eq "friend_message"){# Received a friend message 
$sender = $msg->sender; # Get the friend object
# print " My good friend :" . $sender->displayname . " Sent me a message , The content of the message is :" . $msg->content;
elsif($msg->type eq "group_message"){# Group message received
my $group = $msg->group; # Get the group object corresponding to the message
$sender = $msg->sender; # Get the group member object that sent the message
# print $sender->displayname . " In groups :", $group->displayname . " There's a message from , The content of the message is :" . $msg->content;
} $sender Object content : $var is $VAR1 = bless( {
'id' => '@89c70523a465a6a42cc32cbaa7f2554563bf67776d021f32541986fb8c197974',
'city' => '',
'sex' => '',
'markname' => '',
'name' => ' Yo yo ',
'_group_id' => '@@afb74b7076b5b1dae582ffbb506ab8d354ef172d6ff58b654d9157b04e125235',
'province' => '',
'account' => '',
'signature' => '',
'display' => 'yy'
}, 'Mojo::Weixin::Group::Member' ); see display Method : sub displayname{
my $self = shift;
return $self->display || $self->markname || $self->name;
} We don't need a group nickname It is amended as follows
sub displayname{
my $self = shift;
return $self->name;
} name: Wechat nickname display: Group nicknames

modify MojoWeixin Keep users only name More articles about canceling group nicknames

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