solrj It's easy to make java Applications and solr One way to interact API,solrj Hidden a lot of connections Solr The details of the , Allow your application to use simple advanced methods and solr Interactive communication .

solrj The core of org.apache.solr.client.solrj package , The following contains 5 Major categories . By creating a SolrServer Start , This SolrServer That's what you ask for solr example , Then send out SolrRequests Or is it SolrQuerys, Finally back to SolrResponses.

SolrServer Is an abstract class , So in order to connect to the remote host Solr example , Generally create a HttpSolrServer example . This example is mainly used to pass http and Solr Services interact .

String urlString = "http://localhost:8983/solr";
SolrServer solr = new HttpSolrServer(urlString);

Create a SolrServer It doesn't make the network connected , When you are performing queries or other operations , To connect to the Internet , If URL If the string is incorrect , Will throw out a MalformedURLException abnormal .

Once created SolrServer after , You can call query(),add(),method() Methods .

Build and run SolrJ Applications

1. add to to be in the classpath. solr-solrj-4.x.x.jar class .

2.dist/solrj-lib Class libraries under need to be loaded .

3. Use Maven Words , stay pom.xml Add :


If you are worried about solrJ Expands the size of client applications , You can use a code obfuscation tool like ProGuard To delete what you don't use API.

Set up XMLResponseParser

solrj Using binary format , instead of xml Format as its default . An earlier version of solr By setting the parser XMLResponseParser To use XML Format operation .

server.setParser(new XMLResponseParser());

Execute the query

Use query() Method to get solr Search results for . You need to pass a SolrQuery object , And then return a QueryResponse object .

SolrQuery There are many ways , It's easy to add parameters to select the request processor (handler), And send parameters to handler. Here's a very simple example , Use the default

Request processor , Set up q Parameters :

SolrQuery parameters = new SolrQuery();
parameters.set("q", mQueryString);

Choose a different request processor , Just set up qt Parameters :

parameters.set("qt", "/spellCheckCompRH");

Once setup is complete SolrQuery, Use query() To submit :

QueryResponse response = solr.query(parameters);

This client generates a network connection , And sent query Query information ,solr Processing this query information , then response Respond to , And return a QueryResponse.

QueryResponse Is a set of document results that satisfy the query parameters . Can pass getResults() Method to get the retrieval result document directly , You can also call other methods to get highlight and facet information .

SolrDocumentList list = response.getResults();

Index documents

Other operations are also very simple , For indexed documents , You just need to create one SolrInputDocument object , And pass SolrServer Of add() Method to transfer data , And then call

commit() The method can .

String urlString = "http://localhost:8983/solr";
SolrServer solr = new HttpSolrServer(urlString);
SolrInputDocument document = new SolrInputDocument();
document.addField("id", "552199");
document.addField("name", "Gouda cheese wheel");
document.addField("price", "49.99");
UpdateResponse response = solr.add(document);
// Remember to commit your changes!

use XML Or upload content in binary format (content)

SolrJ Allows you to XML And binary format instead of the default XML Format .solrj You can use the following to upload in binary format , The same format is used to get the results .

server.setRequestWriter(new BinaryRequestWriter());

Use ConcurrentUpdateSolrServer

When implementing Java Application time , This will load a large number of documents at one time ,ConcurrentUpdateSolrServer It's a HttpSolrServer Alternative classes for ,ConcurrentUpdateSolrServer Use Buffer Buffer add all documents , And write it to open HttpSolrServer in . This class is thread-safe , Although arbitrary SolrServer Requests can be completed using this implementation , But only recommended ConcurrrentUpdateSolrServer do /update request .


This embedding method is not recommended in most cases , And it supports very limited solr function , Especially not in SolrCloud perhaps Index Replication.EmbeddedSolrServer The existence of is mainly to help easier testing .

about EmbeddedSolrServer Use , You can refer to Solrj Of Junit unit testing ,org.apache.solr.client.solrj.embedded package .

On the topic

Solrj API file

Solrj WiKi Home page

Indexing and basic data manipulation ( To be released )

This section is translated from :Apache Solr Reference Guide 4.7, Impropriety , Please correct me. ! thank you .

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