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One : load swf Pictures in the library

new The process of image decompression is the process of image decompression . be in Class In the state of , The memory and SWF This image in the file takes up the same disk space , And once it's passed new Decompress into uncompressed BitmapData after , The amount of memory used will increase dramatically .

Whether it's PNG、JPG, Or vector animation ,new After that, the volume will be much larger than before , So don't instantiate and temporarily store resources . Of course, the instantiation process is time-consuming , There may be a card phenomenon , But pre instantiation , There is a big difference in memory usage .

Besides , If you choose settings LoaderContext If all resources are loaded into the same domain , Conflicting link names are handled on a first come first served basis , That is, if two resources have the same link name , Subject to the object loaded first .

Two : Package the material image into a SWF benefits

Pack it up SWF There is an advantage ,SWF It can make JPEG Support transparent channels . Generally speaking ,JPEG High compression rate without transparent channel support ,PNG Low compression rate, support transparent channel . take PNG Import FLA Then set it to JPEG After the compression , You can compress and keep the transparent channel at the same time , It can greatly reduce the size of images that support transparent channels .

Pack it up SWF after , Load fast and easy to manage , It's the way of recommendation . But this way you have to load all the resources at once , Can't load on demand , There are certain limitations . More suitable for loading UI The skin , And the icons that need to be displayed immediately .

There's one more thing to note :SWF The content on stage , Even if it doesn't show up, it will consume resources , So please make sure the stage is empty when you release it .

3、 ... and : Don't use it directly Loader Load the file

Different files have different ways of loading , Text and binaries can only be accessed through URLLoader load , and PNG、JPG、SWF And so on Loader and URLLoader Two ways to load . If resources need long-term preservation , It is suggested to use all URLLoader Mode load , When resources are needed , Re pass Loader Of loadBytes Method to parse the loaded binary data , And then it shows .

The goal is to save memory , because Loader The loaded resources are automatically instantiated ( decode ),PNG、JPG The exhibition will open without compression BitmapData,SWF The content of the stage will be all instantiated , They take up a lot of memory . First use URLLoader Load them as binary data , Decode and instantiate when needed , That's not going to happen .

Four : Concurrent loading There is another problem with multi file loading : Browsers have limits on the number of concurrent downloads , And this limitation and Flash Player There's a conflict of mechanisms , So in general Flash Player The number of loading requests initiated at the same time should not exceed 5 individual , Otherwise, the load event may fail . To solve this problem , Most people's solution is to take queue loading , Load only one file at a time . This is when the number of files is small 、 When a single file is large, there is no problem , But when the number of files is large 、 The volume of a single file is small , Because after loading a file each time , When you re request the next file, you need to wait for the server to respond for a while before loading , This wastes a lot of bandwidth , When the number of files is large, this defect cannot be ignored , At most, it can consume 2 to 3 Times the loading time . To solve this problem , We need a special queue loading module , It can be loaded at the same time , But the number of files loaded at the same time cannot exceed a certain value . The basic idea is after loading a file , Check the number of files being loaded , If it is less than the fixed value, the next address in the queue will be taken to create a new load , Otherwise, we will do nothing .


5、 ... and : Hash table cache When the number of files loaded is particularly large ( Like hundreds of ), Be careful not to just use arrays to save . You can create a Dictionary, Then load the name as the key and the content as the value , Make a hash table , In the future, the value will be directly obtained from this hash table by name , It's much faster than traversing arrays to find names .



6、 ... and : Lord SWF Loading problem SWF You have to load all the classes before you can start running and display the image , thus , The first one is SWF When you load yourself, you can't show the loading progress . There are two ways to solve this problem : One way is old but practical , It's about creating a little SWF Show it first , Dedicated to loading the main SWF, Lord SWF After loading, it completes its mission . In fact, it's not troublesome and the most stable solution . Another way is to use Frame Meta tags . In the main SWF Add... To the class name

[Frame(factoryClass=" Load class name ")]

You can specify a class as the loading class , It will be in the main SWF Show before loading . This class is a two frame MovieClip, When it loads itself , Then you can reflect the Lord SWF And instantiate .

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