Given a collection of distinct numbers, return all possible permutations.

For example,
[1,2,3] have the following permutations:

] Ideas :
First , Fix the first number , Recursively find the full permutation of the ordered array , such as example in , The recursive procedure is : Fix 1, seek [2,3] The whole arrangement , Then fix 2, seek [3] The whole arrangement , Fix [3] seek , Full Permutation of empty arrays , Because the array is empty at this time , So save the results , return .
And then exchange seats , Continue recursion , It's not very clear , Just look at a picture . This is an enumeration tree . Now the question is how to come up 1,2,3 The beginning node ? It's using exchange , such as 1 and 2 In exchange for , obtain [2,1,3] Fix 2, seek [1,3] The whole arrangement .
How can I get it after the exchange 3 At the beginning ? Because it's recursive , So you can swap back 1,2 And then exchange 1,3 obtain 3 At the beginning .


class Solution {
vector<vector<int>> permute(vector<int>& nums) {
vector<vector<int>> result;
permuteRec( 0, nums, result);
return result;
} private:
void permuteRec( int start, vector<int> &nums, vector<vector<int>> &result ){
if( start >= nums.size()){
for( int i = start; i < nums.size(); i++ ){
swap( nums[start], nums[i] );
permuteRec( start+1, nums, result);
swap( nums[start], nums[i] );

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