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Git Development mode :

Suggest at least one master and develop Branch .master Only do version maintenance ,develop Used to develop . After the development is completed and the test is passed, merge into master.

Common scenarios :

  •   Unsubscribe to Remote Of commit Or local rollback

Compulsory way :

If you push it to remote Of commit Not by anyone else pull too , Then you can use

git reset --hard <commit-hash>
git push -f origin master ( Suppose both local and remote are right master To operate )

To undo a previously submitted commit.

Compatibility mode ( Recommended ):

But if someone else synced your push, Then the use of coercion will bring problems to others .

You can use it locally revert To restore your submitted commit, And then you generate a new one commit And then push it to the far end . As follows :

Suppose the current state is as follows :

State before rollback

We hope that fb43619 Of commit Roll back , You can use :

git revert HEAD~1 (HEAD~1 Express HEAD Former one commit, And so on ) perhaps   git revert fb43619

In this way, we will get no right commit The state of . Then we can continue to edit and submit on this basis , Last push To Remote.

State after local rollback ( not yet push To Remote)

It is worth mentioning that ,6bb916commit The content of will not be rolled back , namely revert The operation will only focus on one commit It works .

If we don't need this rollback , Sure :

git revert HEAD   perhaps  git revert a58f231

The results are as follows :

Roll back push After remote and undo local rollback state ( Undo local rollback has not yet push To Remote)

After rolling back 、 After undo rollback , We go back to the beginning :

Undo state after rollback

however , We can find out log Added two rollback operation records in .

  • Delete Remote Branches that you don't need on

git push origin :<delete branch>

  • Local rollback

The main command :git revert and git reset

git revert Is to generate a new commit to undo a commit , Before this submission commit Will be preserved ,revert The operation itself is also recorded .
git reset It's going back to a submission , Submit and before commit Will be preserved , But later changes will be returned to the staging area ( As the case may be ). The operation itself is not logged .

--soft Only commit Rolled back ,index And the content remains unchanged

--mixed commit and index All are rolled back , The content remains the same

--hard commit and index All are rolled back , Content is reset , The later content can't be retrieved

notes :git reset Can be used to merge multiple commit Record .

Possible problems :

  • git status/add Chinese garbled

scene :

Use git add Add files or use git status When viewing the status , The Chinese file name will be displayed as 274\232\350\256\256\346\200\273\347\273\223.png  The mess of
Solution :
git config --global core.quotepath false

Reference link :

  • Adding a new SSH key to the ssh-agent

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