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postgresql Data synchronization
slony1 Is based on postgresql Replication technology based on asynchronous notification mechanism , Its synchronization speed is very fast .  Using this replication technology for backup , ha-ha , Except the configuration is a little bit more complicated , Very easy to use !   
1. Overall demand
1.1. Current situation
With the increasing complexity of software system , Distributed deployment has become a popular way of software deployment . For the structure of the system ,
Program and data are the two main elements supporting the system . There are many good solutions for distributed deployment of programs , ad locum
Let me talk about distributed deployment of data . The distributed deployment of data is actually the distributed deployment of database .
1.2. System environment
ad locum , I'll describe the deployment process in detail in the following environment .
Master database server (master)
From the database server (slave)
We need to make sure that the two machines are interconnected .
Please go to the specified destination to download the specified package :
db postgresql 8.2.4.tar.gz(
slony1 slony1-1.2.6.tar(
The above URL is an entry address , Please select the appropriate and correct source package .
1.3. System installation
1.3.1 Master database server mount this database
Groupadd postgres
Useradd postgres –g postgres –d /home/postgres
decompression , command tar -xvzf postgresql 8.2.4.tar.gz
Enter the corresponding postgresql-8.2.4 Catalog , command :cd postgresql-8.2.4
./configure  --prefix=/usr/local/pgsql –localstatedir=/home/postgres/data
gmake, command : gmake
Be careful , yes gmake
install , command gmake install
by postgres The environment parameters added by users are as follows :
Vi /home/postgres/.bash_profile
chown postgres.postgres /usr/local/pgsql –R
Su – postgres
Mkdir data
Use postgres establish Database cluster
/usr/local/pgsql/bin/initdb -E UTF-8 /home/postgres/data/
/usr/local/pgsql/bin/createuser -a -d ssuser
/usr/local/pgsql/bin/createlang plpgsql template1
Use postgres establish log Catalog
mkdir /test/spescso/data/log
modify /test/spescso/data/postgresql.conf file
Main configuration log file
log_destination = 'stderr'
redirect_stderr = true
log_directory = '/test/spescso/data/log/'
log_filename = 'postgresql-%Y-%m-%d_%H%M%S.log'
modify /test/spescso/data/pg_hba.conf, Mainly to solve the problem of mutual authentication between two computers , Otherwise, we can't visit each other
# "local" is for Unix domain socket connections only
local all all trust
# IPv4 local connections:
host all all trust
host all all trust
# IPv6 local connections:
host all all ::1/128 trust
If you can't understand the above , Please read... Carefully postgresql Database security authentication document .
Use postgres User background start postmaser Database master process
/usr/local/pgsql/bin/postmaster -i -D /test/spescso/data/ -p 5432 & install slony1 Data synchronization tools ( Both master and slave need to be installed )
decompression , command tar -xvjf slony1-1.2.6.tar
Be careful , Use -j Parameters , There's a bit of inconsistency in the site's compressed packages .
Enter the corresponding slony1-1.2.6 Catalog , command :cd slony1-1.2.6
./configure  --with-pgsourcetree=<postgresql   Source code directory >
gmake, command : gmake
Be careful , yes gmake
install , command gmake install
1.3.2 From the database server
The installation mode is consistent with that of the main database server .
1.3.3 Building databases and tables
In the following Set up the main database and data table on the main database server test For example , For other databases and data tables, please refer to build .
su -c "/usr/local/pgsql/bin/createdb -U ssuser -E UTF-8 test -p 5432" -l postgres
su -c "/usr/local/pgsql/bin/psql -f /home/hzh/share/sql.txt -p 5432 -dtest -Ussuser" -l postgres
( Be careful ,sql.txt Is the command to create a data table , Please write your own .sql.txt The best thing to do is UTF-8 Format , Especially when there are Chinese characters )
example :sql.txt
CREATE TABLE tb_depart(
Id int primary key,
Name char();
Set up... In turn on the main database machine testslave1,testslave2.
On the slave database machine 5431 Port establishment testslave3
Guarantee testslave1/testslave2/testsalve3 Build and test The same table in tb_depart/tb_manager/tb_user……..
1.4 Configuration synchronization
1.4.1. Host configuration
To write configmaster sheul Script files , Set its executable properties , command chmod a+x+w+r configmaster, The contents of the document are as follows :
# Cluster name
# The name of the database participating in the synchronization ,master db yes test, The other three are slave
# The address of the machine participating in the synchronization
# Database user name participating in synchronization
# Synchronous publishing configuration , Here is the order slonik Parameters of
cluster name=$CLUSTER;
# Define replication nodes
node 1 admin conninfo='dbname=$DBSERVER host=$HOSTSERVER user=$DBSERVER_USER port=5432';
node 2 admin conninfo='dbname=$DBSLAVE1 host=$HOSTSLAVE1 user=$DBSLAVE1_USER port=5432';
node 3 admin conninfo='dbname=$DBSLAVE2 host=$HOSTSLAVE2 user=$DBSLAVE2_USER port=5432';
node 4 admin conninfo='dbname=$DBSLAVE3 host=$HOSTSLAVE3 user=$DBSLAVE3_USER port=5431';
# Initialize cluster ,id from 1 Start
init cluster ( id=1, comment='Node 1' );
# Set the tables that participate in synchronization
# First create a replica set ,id Also from the 1 Start
# Add tables to your own replica set , One for each table that needs to be copied set command
#id from 1 Start , Step by step , Step by step to 1;
#fully qualified name It's the full name of the table : Schema name . Table name
# The replica set here id Need to be the same as the replica set created earlier id Agreement
create set ( id=1, origin=1, comment='All test tables' );
set add table ( set id=1, origin=1,id=1, fully qualified name='public.tb_depart',comment='Table tb_depart' );
set add table ( set id=1, origin=1,id=2, fully qualified name='public.tb_user',comment='Table tb_user' );
set add table ( set id=1, origin=1,id=3, fully qualified name='public.tb_manager',comment='Table tb_manager' );
# If a table has no primary key , But there's a single key , Then you can use it key keyword
# Specify it as the copy key word , Like the one below key Parameters
#set add table ( set id = 1, origin = 1,id = 4, fully qualified name = 'public.history',key = "column",comment = 'Table history' );
# For tables without unique Columns , It needs to be dealt with like this , Put this sentence in create set In front of
#table add key (node id = 1, fully qualified name = 'public.history');
# Set the result set like this
#set add table (set id=1, origin=1, id=4, fully qualified name = 'public.history', comment='history table', key = serial);
# Set up storage nodes
store node ( id=2, comment='Node 2' );
store node ( id=3, comment='Node 3' );
store node ( id=4, comment='Node 4' );
# Set storage path
store path ( server=1, client=2,conninfo='dbname=$DBSERVER host=$HOSTSERVER user=$DBSERVER_USER port=5432');
store path ( server=2, client=1,conninfo='dbname=$DBSLAVE1 host=$HOSTSLAVE1 user=$DBSLAVE1_USER port=5432');
store path ( server=1, client=3,conninfo='dbname=$DBSERVER host=$HOSTSERVER user=$DBSERVER_USER port=5432');
store path ( server=3, client=1,conninfo='dbname=$DBSLAVE2 host=$HOSTSLAVE2 user=$DBSLAVE2_USER port=5432');
store path ( server=1, client=4,conninfo='dbname=$DBSERVER host=$HOSTSERVER user=$DBSERVER_USER port=5432');
store path ( server=4, client=1,conninfo='dbname=$DBSLAVE3 host=$HOSTSLAVE3 user=$DBSLAVE3_USER port=5431');
# Set listening events and subscription direction , Role in replication , The master node is the original provider , The slave node is the recipient
store listen ( origin=1, provider=1, receiver=2 );
store listen ( origin=2, provider=2, receiver=1 );
store listen ( origin=1, provider=1, receiver=3 );
store listen ( origin=3, provider=3, receiver=1 );
store listen ( origin=1, provider=1, receiveR=4 );
store listen ( origin=4, provider=4, receiver=1 );
1.4.2. Submit data sets
To write commitdata shell Script files , Give executable permission , The contents are as follows :
cluster name=$CLUSTER;
# Provide connection parameters
node 1 admin conninfo='dbname=$DBSERVER host=$HOSTSERVER user=$DBSERVER_USER port=5432';
node 2 admin conninfo='dbname=$DBSLAVE1 host=$HOSTSLAVE1 user=$DBSLAVE1_USER port=5432';
node 3 admin conninfo='dbname=$DBSLAVE2 host=$HOSTSLAVE2 user=$DBSLAVE2_USER port=5432';
node 4 admin conninfo='dbname=$DBSLAVE3 host=$HOSTSLAVE3 user=$DBSLAVE3_USER port=5431';
# Commit subscription replica set
subscribe set ( id=1, provider=1, receiver=2, forward=no);
subscribe set ( id=1, provider=1, receiver=3, forward=no);
subscribe set ( id=1, provider=1, receiver=4, forward=no);
1.4.3. Configure the synchronization process
Execute the configuration command on the host ./configmaster
On the host slon Background processes , Start primary database replication , command
/usr/local/pgsql/bin/slon slony_test1 "dbname=test host= user=ssuser port=5432" &
On the host slon Background processes , Start the first copy from the database , command
/usr/local/pgsql/bin/slon slony_test1 "dbname=testslave1 host= user=ssuser port=5432" &
On the host slon Background processes , Start the second copy from the database , command
/usr/local/pgsql/bin/slon slony_test1 "dbname=testslave2 host= user=ssuser port=5432" &
On the slave slon Background processes , Start a third copy from the database , command
/usr/local/pgsql/bin/slon slony_test1 "dbname=testslave3 host= user=ssuser port=5431" &
Execute the submit command on the host ./commitdata

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