#include <stdio.h>

void main()


int a1=10;
int a2=11;
int * pa1, * pa2;
pa1 = &a1;
pa2 = &a2;

printf("a1=%d \pa1:%p\n",a1,pa1);
printf("a2=%d \pa2:%p\n",a2,pa2);


printf(" After the assignment \n");

printf("a1=%d\ pa1:%p\n",a1, pa1);
printf("a2=%d\ pa2:%p\n",a2, pa2);

//*pa1=*pa2 and a1=a2 Same operation


pa2=pa1;// hold pa1 The pointer address of is copied to pa2
printf("a1=%d\ pa1:%p\n",a1, pa1);
printf("a2=%d\ pa2:%p\n",a2, pa2);
// Pointer address copy , hold pa1 The pointer address of is copied to pa2 After now, the pointer pa1 and pa2 All point to variables a1

return 0;

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