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n A socket ,m An electrical appliance and its corresponding socket ,k Two converters , The former can be converted into the latter , Ask at least how many devices do not have sockets , There is no limit to the number of Converters
Maximum flow , From the source to the socket , Capacity of 1, The electrical appliances build the edge to the meeting point , Capacity of 1, The corresponding socket is connected with the electric appliance , Capacity of 1, The former socket is transformed into the latter one ,
The back socket is bordered on the front socket , The capacity is infinite , The maximum current obtained is the most paired electrical apparatus .

Part of the network flow is going to be , But how to build a map still needs to learn

Code :

#include <iostream>
#include <cstdlib>
#include <cstdio>
#include <cstring>
#include <queue>
#include <algorithm> using namespace std; #define N 1005
#define INF 0xfffffff int G[N][N], Layer[N];
char s[N][]; bool CanLine(char s1[], char s2[]) /// Judge whether the adapter is the same
if(strcmp(s1, s2)==)
return true;
return false;
} bool BFS(int Start, int End)
Q.push(Start); memset(Layer, -, sizeof(Layer));
Layer[Start] = ; while(Q.size())
int u = Q.front();
Q.pop(); if(u==End) return true; for(int i=; i<=End; i++)
if(Layer[i]==- && G[u][i])
Layer[i] = Layer[u] + ;
return false;
int DFS(int u, int MaxFlow, int End)
if(u==End) return MaxFlow; int uflow = ; for(int i=; i<=End; i++)
if(G[u][i] && Layer[i]==Layer[u]+)
int flow = min(G[u][i], MaxFlow-uflow);
flow = DFS(i, flow, End); G[u][i] -= flow;
G[i][u] += flow;
uflow += flow; if(uflow == MaxFlow) break;
} return uflow;
int Dinic(int Start, int End)
int MaxFlow = ; while(BFS(Start, End))
MaxFlow += DFS(Start, INF, End); return MaxFlow;
} int main()
int n, m, k; while(scanf("%d", &n)!=EOF)
int i, j; memset(G, , sizeof(G)); for(i=; i<=n; i++) /// The plug comes from 1~n
scanf("%s", s[i]); scanf("%d", &m);
for(i=; i<=m; i++) /// Mobile phone from n~n+m, Ignore the name of the phone
scanf("%*s%s", s[i+n]); scanf("%d", &k); ///Ki It's the starting point for the transition head to enter , Kj It's the starting point of the head change , Start It's the source ,End It's the meeting point
int Ki = n+m, Kj = Ki+k, Start = Kj+k+, End = Start+;
for(i=; i<=k; i++) /// The entry of the converter n+m~n+m+k, The output of the converter comes from n+m+k~n+m+2*k
/// Connect the in and out
scanf("%s%s", s[Ki+i], s[Kj+i]);
G[Ki+i][Kj+i] = INF; /// The converter offers unlimited
} for(i=; i<=m; i++) /// Build mobile phones and Converters , The relationship between sockets
for(j=; j<=n; j++) /// Match whether the mobile phone and socket can be connected directly
if(CanLine(s[i+n], s[j]))
G[i+n][j]=true; for(j=; j<=k; j++) /// Match whether the mobile phone and the converter can be connected
if(CanLine(s[i+n], s[Ki+j]))
} for(i=; i<=k; i++) /// Build converters and Converters , The relationship between sockets
for(j=; j<=k; j++) /// Match converter and converter into , The converter offers unlimited , Direct maximum
if(i!=j && CanLine(s[Kj+i], s[Ki+j]))
G[Kj+i][Ki+j] = INF; for(j=; j<=n; j++) /// Match the relationship between converter outlet and socket
if(CanLine(s[Kj+i], s[j])==true)
G[Kj+i][j] = true;
} for(i=; i<=m; i++) /// The relationship between source and mobile phone
G[Start][n+i] = true; for(i=; i<=n; i++) /// The relationship between socket and sink
G[i][End] = true; printf("%d\n", m-Dinic(Start, End));
} return ;

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