Talk less , Let's start with the last piece of code , Guess the expected effect .

package main
import (
) type student struct {
Name string
Age int
} func main() {
m := make(map[string]*student)
stus := []student{
{Name: "zhou", Age: 24},
{Name: "li", Age: 23},
{Name: "wang", Age: 22},
for _, stu := range stus {
m[stu.Name] = &stu
} fmt.Printf("%+v\n", m) for k, v := range m {
fmt.Printf("k:%s v:%v\n", k, v)


 map[zhou:0x42114e100 li:0x42114e100 wang:0x42114e100]
k:li v:&{wang 22}
k:wang v:&{wang 22}
k:zhou v:&{wang 22}

Isn't it amazing , Why is the result not expected ,map The values of are all one ?

reason :for range Every time it happens k , v It's all a copy of a value , No stus It's worth quoting , So that's what happens .

Detail analysis :

 for _, stu := range stus {
m[stu.Name] = &stu
} // stu Is in for A local variable applied in , The address is :0x42114e100, Every copy stus Corresponding value in .
// After iterating through ,stu Every time it's reassigned , and map The record is Variable stu Corresponding address value , Therefore, it will not produce the expected effect .

Quick solutions :

 for _, stu := range stus {
a := stu
m[stu.Name] = &a

For the record .

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