JavaScript  brief introduction

JavaScript Is the most popular scripting language on the Internet , This language can be used for HTML and web, More widely used in servers 、PC、 laptop 、 Devices like tablets and smartphones .

JavaScript It's script language

  • JavaScript It's a lightweight programming language .
  • JavaScript It's pluggable HTML Page programming code .
  • JavaScript Insert HTML After the page , Can be performed by all modern browsers .
  • JavaScript Easy to learn .

JavaScript: Direct write HTML Output stream


document.write("<h1> This is a title </h1>"); document.write("<p> This is a paragraph .</p>");

JavaScript: Reaction to events


  • <button type="button" onclick="alert(' welcome !')"> Am I !</button>
  • alert() Function in JavaScript It's not commonly used in , But it's very convenient for code testing .

JavaScript: change HTML Content

Use JavaScript To deal with it HTML Content is a very powerful feature .


  • x=document.getElementById("demo"); // Look for the element  x.innerHTML="Hello JavaScript"; // Change content
  • You will often see  document.getElementById("some id"). The method is HTML DOM As defined in .
  • DOM (Document Object Model)( Document object model ) It's for accessing HTML The formality of elements W3C standard .

JavaScript: change HTML Images

This example will change dynamically HTML <image> The source of the (src):

Turn on the light bulb

     function changeImage() {
        var element=document.getElementById('myimage')
        if (element.src.match("bulbon")){
        // Here's a picture of an unlit bulb
        } else {
        // Here's a picture of a lighted bulb
<img id="myimage" onclick="changeImage()" src="/images/pic_bulboff.gif" width="100"height="180">

In the above example, the code  element.src.match("bulbon")  It's the function of : retrieval  <img id="myimage" onclick="changeImage()" src="/images/pic_bulboff.gif" width="100" height="180">  Inside src Whether the value of the property contains  bulbon  This string , If there is a string  bulbon, picture  src  Updated to  bulboff.gif, If it doesn't match  bulbon  character string ,src  Then update to  bulbon.gif

JavaScript Can change any HTML Most of the attributes of an element , Not just pictures .

JavaScript: change HTML style

change HTML Style of element , It belongs to change HTML A variant of attribute .


x=document.getElementById("demo") // Element found"#ff0000"; // Change the style

JavaScript: Verify input

JavaScript Often used to verify user input .


if isNaN(x) { alert(" Not numbers "); }

The above examples are just ordinary verification , If you want to use it in a production environment , Strict judgment is needed , If the space entered , Or continuous spaces isNaN It's impossible to tell . You can add regularity to judge .


if(isNaN(x)||x.replace(/(^\s*)|(\s*$)/g,"")==""){ alert(" Not numbers "); }

Do you know ?

JavaScript And Java It's two completely different languages , Both in concept and Design .
Java( from Sun The invention ) It's a more complex programming language .

ECMA-262 yes JavaScript The official name of the standard .

JavaScript from Brendan Eich The invention . It's on 1995 Year appears in Netscape in ( The browser has stopped updating ), And in 1997 By the ECMA( A Standards Association ) Adopt .

ECMAScript edition

JavaScript Already by ECMA( European Association of computer manufacturers ) adopt ECMAScript Realize the standardization of language .

year name describe
1997 ECMAScript 1 The first version
1998 ECMAScript 2 Version change
1999 ECMAScript 3 Add regular expressions  
add to try/catch
  ECMAScript 4 Not released
2009 ECMAScript 5 add to "strict mode", Strict mode
add to JSON Support
2011 ECMAScript 5.1 Version change
2015 ECMAScript 6 Add classes and modules
2016 ECMAScript 7 Add exponential operator (**)
increase Array.prototype.includes

ECMAScript 6 Also known as ECMAScript 2015.

ECMAScript 7 Also known as ECMAScript 2016.

JavaScript The implementation of the

although JavaScript and ECMAScript It's usually used by people to express the same meaning , however JavaScript It means more than ECMA-262 As many as are stipulated in . therefore , A complete JavaScript The implementation of is as follows 3 It's made up of two different parts :

  1. ECMAScript, from ECMA-262 Definition , Describes the syntax and basic objects of the language .
  2. Document object model (DOM), Describe methods and interfaces for handling web content .
  3. Browser object model (BOM), Describe how to interact with the browser .

JavaScript These three components of , In the current five major browsers (IE、Firefox、Chrome、Safari and Opera) They have received varying degrees of support from the government . among , All browser pairs ECMAScript The first 3 In general, the support of this version is pretty good , And yes ECMAScript5 The level of support is getting higher and higher , But yes DOM There is a lot of difference in their support . Yes HTML5 Have been formally included in the standard BOM Come on , Although browsers implement some well-known common features , But other features will vary from browser to browser .

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