The problem background

I want to use a lot of Mac Most of the students will encounter reading and writing NTFS Disk problems , Because by default Mac OSX Yes NTFS Disk mount mode is read-only (read-only) Of , So put a NTFS Insert a disk in the format of Mac On , It can only be read but not written , It's inconvenient to use .

So there are some third-party tools , for example Tuxera NTFS for Mac、Paragon NTFS for MAC etc. , All of these tools can be implemented Mac Next NTFS Write operations for , But these tools are all for a fee , Of course, there are also some cracked versions , But there are security risks in cracking software ,so,I don't really like that.

Besides Tuxera It also provides open source NTFS Read write scheme :NTFS-3G, be based on GPL Authorized by the NTFS-3G You can also use the user space file system in Mac OS X Implemented on NTFS Reading and writing of partition . This scheme is also quite good , It just needs a simple installation , This article will not be expanded . Specific can refer to the official link :

But in fact , We can solve this problem without any third party tools , Because in fact OSX It's support NTFS Of . Later, due to the limitation of Microsoft , Apple has blocked this function , But we can turn this on manually from the command line .

How to do that?

mount Check the disk mount

thatsitdeMacBook-Pro:~ thatsit$ mount
/dev/disk4s2 on /Volumes/Untitled (ntfs, local, nodev, nosuid, read-only, noowners)
thatsitdeMacBook-Pro:~ thatsit$

At this point, if we want to achieve /dev/disk4s1 The writable mount of the partition , We just need to do two steps : uninstall 、 Re mount


thatsitdeMacBook-Pro:~ thatsit$ sudo umount /Volumes/Untitled/

Re mount

thatsitdeMacBook-Pro:~ thatsit$ sudo mount -t ntfs -o rw,auto,nobrowse /dev/disk4s2 /Volumes/Udisk/

Now /dev/disk4s2 Has been mounted in read-write mode to /Volumes/Udisk/ 了 , Next, let's confirm the mount result

Confirm mount

thatsitdeMacBook-Pro:~ thatsit$ mount|grep ntfs
/dev/disk4s2 on /Volumes/Udisk (ntfs, local, noowners, nobrowse)
thatsitdeMacBook-Pro:~ thatsit$

Test write

thatsitdeMacBook-Pro:~ thatsit$ cd /Volumes/Udisk/
thatsitdeMacBook-Pro:Udisk thatsit$ touch test_writing
thatsitdeMacBook-Pro:Udisk thatsit$ ll|grep test_writing
-rwxr-xr-x 1 thatsit staff 0 12 24 17:14 test_writing
thatsitdeMacBook-Pro:Udisk thatsit$
thatsitdeMacBook-Pro:Udisk thatsit$ echo heheda >> test_writing
thatsitdeMacBook-Pro:Udisk thatsit$ cat test_writing
thatsitdeMacBook-Pro:Udisk thatsit$
thatsitdeMacBook-Pro:Udisk thatsit$ ll|grep test_writing
-rwxr-xr-x 1 thatsit staff 7 12 24 17:15 test_writing
thatsitdeMacBook-Pro:Udisk thatsit$

Detailed description of the above mount parameters :

mount -t ntfs -o rw,auto,nobrowse /dev/disk4s2 /Volumes/Udisk/
-t ntfs # Execute the partition file system format to mount 
-o # Execute mount options
rw # read-write, Mount in the form of reading and writing
auto # Automatically detect file systems , This parameter can be omitted
nobrowse # This option is very important , Because this option indicates that in finder It doesn't show this partition , Only when this option is turned on can the disk be mounted in read-write mode
/dev/disk4s2 # Partition to mount , That's where we are mount The drive letter seen in the command
/Volumes/Udisk/ # Mount point * /Volumes/Udisk This directory needs to exist , If it doesn't exist, you need to create it manually :sudo mkdir /Volumes/Udisk
* If the directory does not exist, you will receive the following error :
mount: realpath /Volumes/Udisk: No such file or directory

Through the above test, you can see , At this time NTFS The partition is already writable ; But there is another small problem at this time , Because we use it when we mount it nobrowse Options , This section is in finder It's not shown in the picture .

There are always some students who are not used to using the command line all the time , So we need to solve this problem :
The solution is very simple , Because this partition is hung /Volumes Under the , Let's make a soft link to this directory on the desktop OK 了 .

Create soft link

thatsitdeMacBook-Pro:Udisk thatsit$ sudo ln -s /Volumes/Udisk/ ~/Desktop/Udisk
Password: # <---- Enter the user password
thatsitdeMacBook-Pro:Udisk thatsit$

The effect is as follows : The following drive letter will be displayed on the desktop , Click to enter Finder


Reference link :

Mac How to implement without the help of third-party tools NTFS Partition can be written to mount more related articles

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