Today I will continue to introduce the core library IOC Use , In my frame ,IOC It's easy to use , It is mainly used to decouple modules and instantiate interfaces .

1、 Interface specification ,IocContainer The interface is relatively simple, only 3 A way , But it's the most used in the system .

IocContainerpublic interface IocContainer:IDisposable
/// <summary>
/// Get a set of instances of an interface
/// </summary>
/// <typeparam name="T"></typeparam>
/// <returns>IEnumerable{``0}.</returns>
IEnumerable<T> GetInstances<T>();
/// <summary>
/// Get an instance of the interface
/// </summary>
/// <typeparam name="T"> Type of interface </typeparam>
/// <returns>, If the interface is not registered , Then return to null</returns>
T GetInstance<T>(); /// <summary>
/// Get objects based on keywords
/// </summary>
/// <param name="key">The key.</param>
/// <returns>System.Object.</returns>
object GetInstance(string key);

2、 Interface implementation . I use it AutoFac, He was chosen on the basis of 2 All aspects of consideration , The first is right MEf And generics , The second is efficiency

In the garden Leepy I've compared the mainstream IOC frame ,,

It's early , Interested can use the latest class library test .

AutoFac Yes. MEF Extensions for , Very convenient . The advantage of this is , I can only refer to... In the core module AutoFac , There is no need to refer to , use Mef Just mark it , For team development , He doesn't need to know AutoFac How to use .

Not much said , Code up

 ContainerBuilder builder;
IContainer _container = null;
public AutofacContainer(params ComposablePartCatalog[] catalogs)
builder = new ContainerBuilder(); bool isRegisterOrm = false;
foreach (var item in catalogs)
builder.RegisterComposablePartCatalog(item); if (item is DirectoryCatalog && !isRegisterOrm)
DirectoryCatalog dir=item as DirectoryCatalog;
} }

among ComposablePartCatalog yes MEF The east east ,ContainerBuilder yes AutoFac Things that are , This step is mainly about Mef The component of is registered to AutoFac in . And then through IContainer Container=builder.Build(Autofac.Builder.ContainerBuildOptions.IgnoreStartableComponents); This method is initialized , I found this method when I tested it , It can only be executed once , The second time I reported an error . Corresponding IocContainer.GetInstance The implementation of this method is simple , call Autofac The corresponding method is OK bool bl = Container.TryResolve<T>(out t); return t Just OK 了 ,


It should be noted that ,Mef Support for generics is not very good , So it needs to be dealt with separately .

about IRepository<T> and IRepository<T,Tid> Interface , The ideal situation is , Which entity class do I need to deal with , Use directly var rep=  IocContainer.GetInstance<IRepository<T>>() This way, , You can get to IRepository<T> Example , Then the following operations are carried out .

First of all, get all the Assembly, And then judge if his name is "Repository`1" ending , And then call AutoFac Generic registration method for , register ,

Assembly ass = Assembly.LoadFile(filepath);
Type[] types = ass.GetTypes().Where(t => t.Name.EndsWith("Repository`1")).ToArray();
if (types.Length > 0 && types[0].Name != "IRepository`1")
isload = true;

Because I am right Autofac It's also a little knowledge , Only in stupid ways , There must be a good way , It's just that I don't know . I hope the experts in the garden can give me some advice .

adopt IocContainer Interface , We can create and use all the interfaces .
3、 Use
   stay Core I designed a global static class in ApplicationEx, hold IocContainer The interface is exposed as a read-only property , Interface instantiation operations are all in ApplicationEx In the initialization of , At other startup times , initialization ApplicationEx once , Guarantee IOC Is initialized once , The direct use of all the following modules ApplicationEx Of Container attribute . That's what we want .
4、 Expand
I am a lazy person , I don't want to write every time var rep=  IocContainer.GetInstance<IRepository<T>>() , I think it's a little too much
And then in Core Li Gei IocContainer Add an extension method ,
 /// <summary>
/// Get data operation warehouse interface
/// </summary>
/// <typeparam name="T"> The entity class of the operation </typeparam>
/// <returns>IRepository{``0}.</returns>
public static IRepository<T> GetRepository<T>(this IocContainer ioc) where T : EntityBase, new()
return ioc.GetInstance<IRepository<T>>();

In the future, all module calls will be written directly var rep=  IocContainer.GetRepository<T>(), I've written less 10 A few characters , Ha ha ha .

Come here today , I'll introduce you later .

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