# -*-coding:utf-8 -*-
require 'win32ole'
require 'fileutils'
class ResultAnalyse
def initialize path
excel =WIN32OLE.new('excel.application')
@workbook =excel.WorkBooks.open(path)
end # obtain excel The title text of the first row and first column
def get_title
end def get_receive
end # obtain sheet Chinese routine
def get_rows
end # Delete excel Data last written in
def del_excel_result
num = get_rows
for i in 3..num
@worksheet.Range("g#{i}").Interior.ColorIndex = 0 # colourless end
end # obtain flag be equal to 1 The name of the file and the number of lines
def get_runinterface
num= get_rows
for i in 3..num
if t=='1'
return arr,rows
end # Write the execution result to excel
def judge_pass_fail file_path,rows
if File.exist?("#{file_path}")
case_str =f.readlines[2..-1]
case_str.each do|item|
if item.include?('passed')
@worksheet.Range("g#{n}").Interior.ColorIndex = 4 # green
elsif item.include? 'failed'
@@f +=1
@worksheet.Range("g#{n}").Interior.ColorIndex = 3 # Red
@worksheet.Range("g#{n}").Interior.ColorIndex = 40 # yellow
n +=1
puts 'not exist file'
end # close excel
def excel_close
end # obtain case Use case files txt
def get_interface_result(file_path,rows)
if File.directory? file_path
Dir.foreach(file_path) do |file|
if file !="." and file !=".."
# p file_path+"/#{file}"
return @one_line
puts "file_path is not exist!"
end # Delete the last use case execution result txt
def delete_spec list
if File.directory? list
end def auto_write end end

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