pymysql modular


pip3 install pymysql

link , perform sql, close ( The cursor )

import pymysql
user= input(' user name :>>').strip()
pwd= input(' password :>>').strip() # First link , Get the cursor
cursor=conn.cursor() # Get the cursor , namely mysql >
# perform sql
sql='select * from user where user="%s" and password="%s";'%(user,pwd)
print(sql) # Be careful %s Need double quotes
rows = cursor.execute(sql) # Get the number of rows affected cursor.close()
conn.close() if rows:
print(' Login successful ')
print(' Login failed ')

execute() And sql Inject


Symbol -- It'll be annotated after sql, The right grammar :-- At least one arbitrary character after

The phenomenon

 The last space , In one sql If you encounter select *
from t1 where id > 3 -- and name='egon'; be -- The conditions after that have been commented out #1、sql Injected : Users exist , password bypass
egon' -- Any character #2、sql Injected : The user doesn't exist , Bypass users and passwords
xxx' or 1=1 -- Any character


# It turns out that we are right sql String splicing 
# sql="select * from userinfo where name='%s' and password='%s'" %(user,pwd)
# print(sql)
# rows=cursor.execute(sql) # to (execute Do string splicing for us , We don't need and must not do it any more %s In quotation marks )
sql="select * from userinfo where name=%s and password=%s" # Be careful %s You need to get rid of the quotation marks , because pymysql It will automatically add
rows=cursor.execute(sql,[user,pwd]) #pymysql The module automatically helps us solve sql Injection problem , As long as we follow pymysql The rules of .

increase 、 Batch increase Delete 、 Change :conn.commit()


import pymysql
First link , Get the cursor
cursor=conn.cursor() # Get the cursor , namely mysql >
# perform sql increase :
sql='insert into user1(user,password) VALUES (%s,%s)'
# rows = cursor.execute(sql,('xixi',123)) # Insert a record
rows = cursor.executemany(sql,[('xixi',123),('aaa',456),('ttt',147)]) # Insert multiple rows of records
print('%s row in set (0.00 sec)'%rows) conn.commit() # Commit to database

Batch increase

# coding:utf-8
import pymysql # Open database connection
db = pymysql.connect(host='localhost', port=3306,
user='username', passwd='password', db='database_name', charset='utf8') # Use cursor() Method get operation cursor
cursor = db.cursor() # SQL Insert statement
# One tuple perhaps list
T = (('xiaoming', 31, 'boy'), ('hong', 22, 'girl'), ('wang', 90, 'man')) try:
# perform sql sentence
cursor.executemany(sql, T)
# Commit to database execution
except :
# Roll back if an error occurs
# Close cursor
# Close database connection


import pymysql
# First link , Get the cursor
cursor=conn.cursor() # Get the cursor , namely mysql >
# perform sql Delete :
sql='delete from user1 where user =%s;' # Delete data
rows = cursor.execute(sql,(name))
print('%s row in set (0.00 sec)'%rows) conn.commit() # Commit to database


import pymysql
# First link , Get the cursor
cursor=conn.cursor() # Get the cursor , namely mysql >
# perform sql Change :
sql=' update user1 set password = "5555555" where id=%s;'
rows = cursor.execute(sql,(id))
print('%s row in set (0.00 sec)'%rows) conn.commit() # Commit to database

check :fetchone,fetchmany,fetchall

# --------- check fetchone,fetchmany,fetchall-----------
import pymysql
cursor=conn.cursor() # Get the cursor , namely mysql >
# perform sql check :
sql='select * from user1;'
rows = cursor.execute(sql) # Check the list fetchone
print(res3[0]) # Check more than one fetchmany
print(cursor.fetchone()) # Check all fetchall
print(cursor.fetchone()) #------- Cursor movement --------
#1. Absolute path : From the beginning of the file
print(cursor.fetchone()) #2. Relative paths :
cursor.scroll(2,mode='relative') # Move two back relative to the top two
print(cursor.fetchone()) print('%s row in set (0.00 sec)' %rows)

Get the auto increment of the last inserted data ID

------ Look at... In the last row of the table iD
import pymysql
cursor=conn.cursor() sql='insert into user1(user,password) values(%s,%s);'
# rows=cursor.executemany(sql,[('yuanhao','123'),('laowu','123'),('kgf','12323')])
print(cursor.lastrowid) # Look at... In the last row of the table iD cursor.close()

Asynchronous processing

# use twisted The library inserts data into the database asynchronously
import pymysql
from twisted.enterprise import adbapi
from twisted.internet import reactor class MysqlTwistedPipeline(object):
def __init__(self, dbpool):
self.dbpool = dbpool @classmethod
def from_settings(cls, settings):
# Need to be in setting Set database configuration parameters in
dbparms = dict(
# Connect ConnectionPool( Use MySQLdb Connect , perhaps pymysql)
dbpool = adbapi.ConnectionPool("MySQLdb", **dbparms) # ** Let the parameter become a variable parameter
return cls(dbpool) # Returns the instanced object def process_item(self, item, spider):
# Use twisted take MySQL The insert becomes asynchronous
query = self.dbpool.runInteraction(self.do_insert, item)
# Add exception handling
query.addCallback(self.handle_error) def handle_error(self, failure):
# Handle exceptions when inserting asynchronously
print(failure) def do_insert(self, cursor, item):
# Perform a specific insert
insert_sql = """
insert into jobbole_artitle(name, base_url, date, comment)
VALUES (%s, %s, %s, %s)
cursor.execute(insert_sql, (item['name'], item['base_url'], item['date'], item['coment'],))

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