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Because all the machines of the customer have to use IE6 browser , As a result, we encounter a lot of style and performance problems in the process of developing projects , In a casual use 360 Software manager search chrome browser , Found a Google browser embedded framework , I was curious , Look at the description (Goole Chrome Browser embedded framework is an open source plug-in , Can be Google browser's open network technology and fast JavaScript The engine and Internet Explorer Seamless combination .), At that time, I thought it was something I was looking for a long time ago , Now think about how we didn't go to Google based on these keywords at that time , Now my intestines are blue , There's not much gossip , Let's get down to business .

If you want to IE6 Next use chrome frame, First you need to install it , If you can't download it , Just use agent software ( Mobile Netcom ) To download (http://www.google.com/chromeframe/thankyou.html?msi=true), The second is the key point , See the following instructions for specific use :

installed chrome frame It is not fully turned on by default , You need to modify the registry to make IE Compulsory use Google Chrome Frame To render a web page . Otherwise, it will only be written in the website code <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="chrome=1"> It will turn on automatically when it is turned on .

1. Start -- function -- Input regedit Open the registry , In turn, open HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Google\ So let's make a new one (key) term , be known as ChromeFrame.

2. Create a new DWORD value , named IsDefaultRenderer. This IsDefaultRenderer If the value of is set to 0 It's using IE Kernel rendering , Set to 1 It's using Google Chrome Frame Render the open page . We set it here to 1.

The above two steps can almost meet the needs of some people , But it is not recommended. , Recommend the following method of online banking ., And then there are some special cases .

If it's set to 0 Words , Instead of using IE Kernel rendering ? At this time, if you think about some pages , Individual pages are dedicated to Google Chrome Frame Exaggerated words , Please do the following

1. Open the registry in turn HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Google\ChromeFrame\ Next, create a new item (key), be known as RenderInGcfUrls.

2. stay RenderInGcfUrls Next, create a new string value , Want to log in google Set the value of the string to →*google.com*

Yahoo's email settings service format is →*yahoo.com/mail*  

If the direct setting is a * Word is , All web pages use Google Chrome Frame Rendering .

Contrary to the above , If set to 1 Words , It's not the use of Google Chrome Frame Rendering ? At this time, if some pages want to use IE Kernel to render , The operation is as follows :( This method is recommended , Because there is online banking , Right ? Online banking must use IE The kernel , Other pages also use chrome The kernel uses this method )

Continue with the red one , So this is from 3 Here we go ( Because this is the recommended method )

3. Open the registry in turn HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Google\ChromeFrame\ Next, create a new item (key), be known as RenderInHostUrls.

4. stay RenderInGcfUrls Next, create a new string value , More than one URL, more than one string value . The content of the value is the following URL .

Here are the web address settings of most online banking , The settings here are the same as those above , Do not add ### The words at the back are .

https://*.icbc.com.cn/* ### ICBC

https://*.cmbchina.com/* ### China Merchants Bank


https://*.95599.cn/*    ### the Agricultural Bank of China ( Up there, too )

https://*.ecitic.com/*  ### China CITIC Bank

https://*.cebbank.com/* ### Everbright Bank

https://*.95559.com.cn/* ### Bank of Communications

https://*.sdb.com.cn/*  ### Shenzhen Development Bank

https://*.ccb.com.cn/*  ### Bank for economic construction

https://*.psbc.com/*  ### Postal Savings

such , If it's online banking ,IE Will you still use IE Kernel browsing , If it's not online banking , Will use chrome frame To browse . It almost meets the needs of most people , If you can't give up IE Under the circumstances .

If the direct setting is a * Word is , All web pages use IE Kernel rendering .

Someone said it was installed chrome frame Why didn't you use it automatically after browsing chrome frame What about browsing ?

Visit Google gravity and google wave These two websites ,IE Will automatically convert to google chrome frame To browse ( There are chrome frame Of IE Right click to open the web page ), But when visiting other websites, it doesn't automatically convert to google chrome frame Why do you come here to browse ? Because the website code has <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="chrome=1"> This line of code , This line of code will make IE Automatic use chrome
frame Browse , Without this line of code, it won't be used automatically chrome frame Browse .chrome frame It's not what we think , After installation , Access to all web pages will use chrome frame Browse . If you want to , You need to modify the registry settings as above IE Use Google Chrome Frame To render . It's not on by default , It's for your safety . Need to change the registry to open

a farewell IE Give us the web The trouble of development ( Use chrome frame v8 engine ) More articles about

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