First .NET Medium ICryptoTransform Is one-way , That is, data can only be transformed from one state to another , On the contrary, it is not possible . Of course, manual operation ICryptoTransform It's more complicated , adopt CryptoStream It's easier to operate a ICryptoTransform. because ICryptoTransform Is one-way , So the two processes of encryption and decryption need two ICryptoTransform, This one goes through SymmetricAlgorithm Class CreateEncryptor and CreateDecryptor Method to create . While using CryptoStream fuck Make these two ICryptoTransform when , Often encryption is just using CryptoStreamMode.Write, Decryption uses Read, This is also reasonable in name Rational , But in fact CryptoStream The mode of operation is not limited to this .

About ICryptoTransform and CryptoStream Relationship model of , You can see this picture :

In fact, the so-called Read and Write Just put ICryptoTransform The two data states of the operation change places , The final operation is still to ICryptoTransform The source data is converted to the target data ( A one-way ), It's just that different modes operate differently .

For example, let's use CryptoStreamMode.Write To encrypt :

//+ using System.IO;
//+ using System.Security.Cryptography;
staticvoid Main()
using (var aes =Aes.Create())
var data =Encoding.Unicode.GetBytes("Mgen!");
Console.WriteLine(BitConverter.ToString(Encrypt_Write(aes.CreateEncryptor(), data).ToArray()));
} staticMemoryStream Encrypt_Write(ICryptoTransform ict, byte[] data)
using (var ms =newMemoryStream())
using (var cstream =newCryptoStream(ms, ict, CryptoStreamMode.Write))
cstream.Write(data, , data.Length);
return ms;

use CryptoStreamMode.Read Encryption can also be done :

//+ using System.IO;
//+ using System.Security.Cryptography;
staticvoid Main()
using (var aes =Aes.Create())
var data =Encoding.Unicode.GetBytes("Mgen!");
Console.WriteLine(BitConverter.ToString(Encrypt_Read(aes.CreateEncryptor(), data).ToArray()));
} staticMemoryStream Encrypt_Read(ICryptoTransform ict, byte[] data)
using (var ms =newMemoryStream(data))
using (var cstream =newCryptoStream(ms, ict, CryptoStreamMode.Read))
using (var destMs =newMemoryStream())
byte[] buffer =newbyte[];
int readLen; while ((readLen = cstream.Read(buffer, , )) >)
destMs.Write(buffer, , readLen);
return destMs;

Both will successfully encrypt the data , And enter the :


It's just about encryption , Decryption is exactly the same ,CryptoStreamMode.Write or Read Can be decrypted !

from :

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