build android development environment

2.1 Android What tools are needed for underlying development

2.2  install  JDK

2.3  build Android  Application development environment

2.4 install Android NDK development environment

2.5 Install cross compile environment

2.1 Android What tools are needed for underlying development

◇ JDK6 Or above

◇ Eclipse 3.4 Or above



◇ Android SDK◇ Android NDK

◇  Cross compile environment

◇ linux Kernel source code

◇ Android Source code

2.2  install  JDK

Download and configure it directly from the official website

matters needing attention : PATH And the equal sign (=) Before and equal sign (=) Sum point (.) There must be no space between them 、tab etc.

build Android  Application development environment

◇  install Android SDK

◇  install Eclipse

◇  install ADT

(1) Online installation ADT

(2) Offline installation ADT

◇  To configure ADT

◇  establish AVD

2.3  install Android NDK development environment

◇  download Android NDK

◇  install CDT

◇  Command mode compilation Android NDT Program

◇  Import Android NDK Example

◇  To configure Android NDK Integrated development environment

2.4  Install cross compile environment

x86 Architecturally CPU It's a complex instruction set computer , and ARM  Architecturally CPU Using a reduced instruction set computer , Because of the difference between these two architectures CPU Different instruction sets are used , So in x86 Architecture development can run on ARM Programs on architecture must use cross compilers .

Cross compiler environment consists of cross compiler and related tools, including many executable files and a large number of shared libraries and header files .

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