Suppose there is a file file1.xlsx, It reads as follows :

There are files file2.xlsx, It reads as follows :

Now I want to start with column seven , take file2 Replace all the characters with file1 Same , That's the seventh 、 8、 ... and 、 Nine 、 Ten columns don't need to change , because file1 and file2 The characters are consistent (3 and 1,2 and 4); From 11 Column start ,file1 and file2 The characters are different . My naming rule is from 11 Column start ,file2 Of 2 Change it to 3,4 Change 1,3 Change it to 2,1 Change it to 4;

Here is the implementation of the code :

install.packages("openxlsx") # install openxlsx Installation package 
install.packages("readxl") # install readxl Installation package
install.packages("stringr")# install stringr Installation package
model_57hanchip<- read_excel("E:/myproject/file1.xlsx")
kg_ame<- read_excel("E:/myproject/file2.xlsx")
for (i in 1:4){
if(any(intersect(model_57hanchip[,g:j], kg_ame[,g:j])>0)==TRUE | all(kg_ame[,g:j]==0)==TRUE){
}else if(all(c(1,2) %in% kg_ame[,g:j])==TRUE){
kg_ame[,g:j] =str_replace_all(kg_ame[,g:j], "1", "4");
kg_ame[,g:j] =str_replace_all(kg_ame[,g:j], "2", "3");
}else if(all(c(1,3) %in% kg_ame[,g:j])==TRUE){
kg_ame[,g:j] =str_replace_all(kg_ame[,g:j], "1", "4");
kg_ame[,g:j] =str_replace_all(kg_ame[,g:j], "3", "2");
}else if(all(c(2,4) %in% kg_ame[,g:j])==TRUE){
kg_ame[,g:j] =str_replace_all(kg_ame[,g:j], "2", "3");
kg_ame[,g:j] =str_replace_all(kg_ame[,g:j], "4", "1");
}else {
kg_ame[,g:j] =str_replace_all(kg_ame[,g:j], "3", "2");
kg_ame[,g:j] =str_replace_all(kg_ame[,g:j], "4", "1");
## The above code means that 1 Change it to 4,2 Change it to 3,3 Change it to 2,4 Change it to 1;
openxlsx::write.xlsx(kg_ame, file = "E:/myproject/kg_ame.xlsx") # Save as Excel file

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