I wanted to write about CCTableView The article , But after the basic function is realized , The increasing demand of the project leads to a deeper research on this control .

well , Now let's start with this control , stay Cocos2d—X In the engine , This is an imitation iOS Inside NSTableView A control of .

S1, To use this control, you need to import the extension library file first

#include "cocos-ext.h"

S2, Then make the class inherit CCTableView Of 2 A broker ,

class ServerPrizeList :public CCLayer,public CCTableViewDataSource,public CCTableViewDelegate

Take a look first dataSource , The method in this will be the main method we use :

class CCTableViewDataSource
virtual ~CCTableViewDataSource() {} /**
* cell size for a given index
* The size of each cell , According to idx To personalize the cell size
* @param idx the index of a cell to get a size
* @return size of a cell at given index
virtual CCSize tableCellSizeForIndex(CCTableView *table, unsigned int idx) {
return cellSizeForTable(table);
* cell height for a given table.
* This method is generally used , Custom cell size , It can't be based on idx To customize
* @param table table to hold the instances of Class
* @return cell size
virtual CCSize cellSizeForTable(CCTableView *table) {
return CCSizeZero;
* a cell instance at a given index
* This method makes the main method of data source , Initialization data is in this method
* @param idx index to search for a cell
* @return cell found at idx
virtual CCTableViewCell* tableCellAtIndex(CCTableView *table, unsigned int idx) = 0;
* Returns number of cells in a given table view.
* return tableView Of cells
* @return number of cells
virtual unsigned int numberOfCellsInTableView(CCTableView *table) = 0; };

then , look down CCTableViewDelegate Methods :

class CCTableViewDelegate : public CCScrollViewDelegate
* Delegate to respond touch event
* Realize the touch event response of clicking cell , Make the main use of
* @param table table contains the given cell
* @param cell cell that is touched
virtual void tableCellTouched(CCTableView* table, CCTableViewCell* cell) = 0; /**
* Delegate to respond a table cell press event.
* Set the cell highlight state
* @param table table contains the given cell
* @param cell cell that is pressed
virtual void tableCellHighlight(CCTableView* table, CCTableViewCell* cell){}; /**
* Delegate to respond a table cell release event
* Set the non highlighted state of the cell
* @param table table contains the given cell
* @param cell cell that is pressed
virtual void tableCellUnhighlight(CCTableView* table, CCTableViewCell* cell){}; /**
* Delegate called when the cell is about to be recycled. Immediately
* after this call the cell will be removed from the scene graph and
* recycled.
* Loop through a cell
* @param table table contains the given cell
* @param cell cell that is pressed
virtual void tableCellWillRecycle(CCTableView* table, CCTableViewCell* cell){}; };

Of course , We need to achieve 2 A way :

// because cctableview Inherited from ccscrollview, So to implement these two methods , But do nothing 
virtual void scrollViewDidScroll(CCScrollView* view);
virtual void scrollViewDidZoom(CCScrollView* view);

well , Generally, the following methods are enough to solve the problem :

 virtual void tableCellTouched(CCTableView* table, CCTableViewCell* cell);
virtual CCSize cellSizeForTable(CCTableView *table);
virtual CCTableViewCell* tableCellAtIndex(CCTableView *table, unsigned int idx);
virtual unsigned int numberOfCellsInTableView(CCTableView *table);

S3, And then let's do it in .cpp These proxy methods are implemented in the file . Most of the implementation methods are omitted , Let's talk about

CCTableViewCell* ServerPrizeList::tableCellAtIndex(cocos2d::extension::CCTableView *table, unsigned int idx)

Follow the examples from the official website and other articles , It's possible to diversify the text in each cell .

You can see that the text in the middle is OK Of , But there are problems on both sides , On the left is a picture that can't be heterogeneous , On the right is the exchange idx Incorrect acquisition .

Now we've solved the problem of exchange idx The problem of , The beginning is when you use add cells , Turn this button on tag Set to the idx.

But the problem is ,idx In this button, it's chaotic and disordered . Can't get cell's idx.

CCMenuItemImage *itemImage = CCMenuItemImage::create("22.png", "22.png", this, menu_selector(ServerPrizeList::menuItemCall2));
//tag The default is -1, This is the way to get tag, Namely idx Is chaotic 
if (itemImage->getTag() == -1) {
itemImage->setPosition(ccp(tableCellSize.width*0.75, tableCellSize.height/2)); CCMenu *menu = CCMenu::create(itemImage,NULL);
pCell->addChild(menu, 1);

later , notice

tableCellTouched(cocos2d::extension::CCTableView *table, cocos2d::extension::CCTableViewCell *cell)

All of a sudden there was inspiration , You can get the parent class of the button's parent class , Namely Cell To get the idx, ha-ha , The problem is finally solved .

CCTableViewCell *cell = (CCTableViewCell*)(((CCMenuItemImage*)pSender)->getParent()->getParent());
//getIdx() This method can get the array subscript of the click cell
CCLog("idx: %d",cell->getIdx());

Now? , There are still problems on the left , If the great God sees , Welcome to teach me .

2013-07-24 18:03:26.122   The problem has been solved , The texture is as follows :

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