In the last section , We have created a Django Model Post, And make Post Model and database synchronization . In this section , We will introduce Django Manage site , adopt Django Manage the site to manage the Post Model examples .

Create a control management site for your model

Okay , We have defined a post Model , Now? , We're going to create a simple administration site , To manage post example .Django The management interface is a very powerful content editor .Django The management site is built dynamically according to the metadata of your model , And provide a convenient interface to edit content . Again , You can also customize how to present your modules in the management site .

One thing to remember is django.contrib.admin Already included in INSTALLED_APPS Setting up , That's why we no longer need to add it manually .

Create administrator privilege users

First , We need to create a user with administrator rights to log in to the management site , Run the following command :

python createsuperuser

You'll see the following , And prompt you to enter the user name 、e-mail, password :

Username (leave blank to use 'admin'): admin
Email address:
Password: ********
Password (again): ******** Superuser created successfully.

Django Manage site

Now? , Run the development server (python runserver), Open in browser, You can see the management site login interface .

Enter the administrator user name and password you just created , Log in to the administration site , You'll see the home page of the management site .

Now what you see User and Group The module is Django The authentication framework for , This is INSTALLED_APPS Medium django.contrib.auth Set up . If you turn it on Users, You'll see the administrator you just created .blog In application Post Models and User There are relationships between models . This association is defined in Post In the model author attribute .

Add your model to the administration site

Now we're going to create blog In application Post Model added to management site . edit blog In application file :

from django.contrib import admin
from .models import Post

Now? , Reload the administration site , You can see your Post The model has been added to the administration site .

This is easy. , Am I right? ? When you are in Django Manage site registration a model , You get a friendly user interface : Allows you to generate a list of objects ; And very easy editing 、 establish 、 Delete object .

Django Use different form plug-ins for different fields , image DateTimeField, Show a similar in the administration site JavaScript Calendar plug-in interface . After adding everything , Click the save button . The site will jump to post List of pp. , And give a ” You have successfully added post“ A hint of .

Customize the module display in the management site

Now we'll see how to customize the administration site . Edit your blog In application file :

from django.contrib import admin
from .models import Post class PostAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
list_display = ('title', 'slug', 'author', 'publish', 'status'), PostAdmin)

We tell Django Manage site , We use inheritance from ModelAdmin User defined classes for , Come and take our Post Model registration to the administration site . In this custom class , We define how to show Post Model .list_display Property allows you to set the model fields that you want to display on the manage object list page .

Now let's add other options for managing the site :

class PostAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
list_display = ('title', 'slug', 'author', 'publish', 'status')
list_filter = ('status', 'created', 'publish', 'author') search_fields = ('title', 'body')
prepopulated_fields = {'slug': ('title',)}
raw_id_fields = ('author',)
date_hierarchy = 'publish'
ordering = ['status', 'publish']

Reload the administration site , You can see :

You can see post The object list page shows you in list_display Define the fields displayed in .

The list page includes a right sidebar , Allow you to pass through in list_fliter Define filter fields to filter articles .

A search bar appears on the page . This is because we have used search_fields Property defines searchable fields .

Below the search bar , from date_hierarchy Attribute definitions , Provide a quick point to... Based on date hierarchy .

You can also see ,post Object according to Status and Publish Sort , You can still use it ordering Property defines the default sort method .

Now click Add post link , Get into post Object editing interface . When you put the newly created post Enter the title of the object title Field time , You'll find that ,slug Fields are automatically filled with the corresponding content . This is because we use prepopulated_fields Properties tell Django,slug yes title The associated fields of . in addition , Now the author field will display a find control , Because when you have hundreds of registered users , It's very inconvenient to choose from the drop-down list .

have a look , We only used a few lines of code , The management mode of the model is defined in the management site . Customization and expansion Django There are many ways to manage your site , In a later chapter , We'll tell you more about .

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