Embedded system WinCE Next application GUI Interface development

ByToradex Qinhai

This paper aims to introduce the application of embedded system in Wince Proceed under GUI Application development can choose from different GUI Development framework (Framework), At present, the most commonly used solutions are as follows –

ž   Native Win32 Application Programming - Microsoft

ž   .NET Compact Framework - Microsoft

ž   The third party .NET Compact Framework Control - Open .NETCF Library / BeeMobile/ Resco

ž   Silverlight - Microsoft

ž   Qt - Digia

-         Native Win32 Application Programming

Call directly Win32 API use C++ Programming development , Because calling the bottom layer of the system directly API, Maximum hardware level optimization makes execution most efficient , The functions are flexible and rich , It does not rely on the relatively large running environment, so that the application can be as simple and compact as possible ; But it is relatively difficult to develop complex interface applications , The development cycle is also long , Therefore, it is more suitable for small applications with simple interface .Toradex For its Colibri series ARM Module provides some Wince System configuration tool software is based on Win32 Developed , Please refer to here for details and download .

-         .NET Compact Framework(.NET CF)

.NET CF Microsoft's .NET Framework Subsets of , Specially designed for WinCE Platform series operating systems provide support for application development , The latest version is still 2007 Issued by the end of the year .NET CF 3.5, Development tools are Visual Studio 2008..NET Provides a higher level development platform , Reduce the risk of directly operating the underlying hardware , More stable and more efficient application development , For complexity GUI Application can provide more advanced development experience conveniently and efficiently .

One is based on .NET CF and VC# stay Toradex ARM For an example of platform development, please refer to here .

-         The third party .NET Compact Framework Controls

It can be used directly by a third party company .NET CF Control , It can further reduce the application development cycle , Please refer to its official website below for details and license

1. Open .NET CF

2. Beemobile website

3. Resco Controls website

-         Silverlight

Silverlight It was developed by Microsoft Web Front end application development solution , With browser plug-in Way to provide web Multimedia and highly interactive front end application solutions in applications , At present, it has been supported by the mainstream browsers , At the same time, the operating system in addition to Windows/Wince, Also support Mac OS and Linux/FreeBSD/SolarisOS( Through open source projects Mono).

Silverlight Microsoft's WindowsPresentation Foundation(WPF) A subset of , It's also XAML Subset , With vector graphics , Multimedia and graphic display , Streaming media support and other features .

An advantage of Sliverlight stay Toradex ARM Platform for application development examples, please refer to here

-         Qt

Qt It's a cross platform application and UI Development framework (Framework), Use standards C++, For desktop , Embedded and mobile platforms , Support Windows,WinCE,Linux,Mac,iOS,Android And so on , With friendly development environment and integrated development tools, as well as to OpenGL ES2 It has become a powerful tool for embedded application development .Qt Contains multiple license versions , Details can be

An advantage of Qt stay ToradexARM Platform for application development examples, please refer to here


The common embedded systems based on WinCE Next application GUI Interface development program , Use it directly Win32 API Of course, the most direct and efficient , It is suitable for simple interface and sensitive to program size ;.NET Development framework and Qt They're all higher level development frameworks , Provides a more efficient development environment and more advanced GUI programme , And from a cross platform perspective ,Qt No doubt it has more advantages , meanwhile Qt Use native C++, It's better than execution efficiency ; and Silerlight It mainly focuses on web The front-end application , Provide better multimedia support .
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