A supervisor wants to write Node has the function of multi thread rendering , and nuke Medium render in background This function can be used to perform multiple rendering tasks at the same time , So I thought about using this method to achieve .

transfer During the test, I found that renderinbackground The management of memory is worrying , So I added a parameter to control the memory consumption of multithreaded rendering . This feature is written very quickly , After writing, I still We have to think about it artist Usage habits , It's not a wise move to make this function a separate node in the toolbar ,artist It'll be troublesome , So I decided to integrate this function into write Node .
This is the final result of implementation :
write One more page in the node ,artist It's easy to use , But this function is limited by the computing and memory capacity of the computer , After all, it's single machine multithreading , Resources are tight , The project is simple , This feature has great advantages , It's several times faster ; The project is complicated , Memory is tight , This function is just like chicken ribs .
Talk is cheap,show you the code:
def RenderInBackground():
    node = nuke.thisNode()
    if node.knob('User'):
        print 'exist'
        knob_tk = nuke.Tab_Knob('User','RenderInBackground')
    if node.knob('information'):
        print 'exist'
        knob_tk2 = nuke.Text_Knob('information','Info:')
        knob_tk2.setValue("Please make sure your setting didn't overflow available memory,so enough memory is necessary.")
    if node.knob('firstframe_1'):
        print 'exist'
        knob_ff = nuke.Int_Knob('firstframe_1','FirstFrame')
        knob_ff.setTooltip('entry first frame of render range')
    if node.knob('lastframe_1'):
        print 'exist'
        knob_lf = nuke.Int_Knob('lastframe_1','LastFrame')
        knob_lf.setTooltip('entry last frame of render range')
    if node.knob('splitNum'):
        print 'exist'
        knob_sn = nuke.Int_Knob('splitNum','splitNum')
        knob_sn.setTooltip('entry number of splited framerange')
    if node.knob('maxThreads'):
        print 'exist'
        knob_mt = nuke.Int_Knob('maxThreads','maxThreads')
    if node.knob('maxCache'):
        print 'exist'
        knob_mc = nuke.Int_Knob('maxCache','maxCache')
    if node.knob('unnamed'):
        print 'exist'
        knob_tt = nuke.Text_Knob('unnamed','')
    if node.knob('renderinbackground'):
        print 'exist'
        knob_py = nuke.PyScript_Knob('renderinbackground','RenderInBackground')
        knob_py.setCommand('''import time
if nuke.thisNode().knob('file').value().find(':/') == -1:
    nuke.message('file is empty')
    if os.path.exists(os.path.dirname(nuke.thisNode().knob('file').value()))==True:
        print nuke.thisNode().knob('file').value()

firstframe_2 = int(nuke.thisNode().knob('firstframe_1').value())
    lastframe_2 = int(nuke.thisNode().knob('lastframe_1').value())
    splitnum_2 = int(nuke.thisNode().knob('splitNum').value())

subrange = int((lastframe_2 + 1 - firstframe_2)/splitnum_2)

maxthreads = nuke.thisNode().knob('maxThreads').value()
    maxcache = nuke.thisNode().knob('maxCache').value()
    view = nuke.views()
    limits = {'maxThreads':maxthreads,'maxCache':'%dM'%maxcache}

for i in range(splitnum_2+1):
        framerange = nuke.FrameRange()
        frameranges = nuke.FrameRanges()

if firstframe_2 - 1 + subrange * (i+1) >= lastframe_2:
            framerange.setLast(firstframe_2 - 1 + subrange * (i+1))
        if lastframe_2 >= firstframe_2 + subrange * i:
            framerange.setFirst(firstframe_2 + subrange * i)
            print frameranges

inputx = nuke.thisNode()['xpos'].value()
    inputy = nuke.thisNode()['ypos'].value()
    newnode = nuke.nodes.Read(file=nuke.thisNode().knob('file').value(),first=firstframe_2,last=lastframe_2,)

nuke.addOnCreate(RenderInBackground,nodeClass = 'Write')

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