It's recorded here MacBook The whole configuration process of , It's for a new start MacBook And feel MacBook It's hard to use for reference .

1. Peripheral expansion

The characteristic of notebook is easy to carry , The disadvantage is that the screen is too small , So you need to apply for an external monitor first , One more screen will greatly reduce the number of times you switch applications , Significantly improve your productivity , Don't forget to apply for one at the same time Mini DP turn VGA The adapter of is used to connect the monitor . In order to match multiple displays , A software will be recommended later to manage multiple display windows . If you have plenty of money , You can buy a mechanical keyboard and wireless mouse , Further improve work efficiency .

2. System settings

2.1 Turn the function key (F1-F12) Set as standard function key

MacBook The function keys in the top row of the keyboard (F1-F12) The default is quick settings such as system brightness and sound , When MacBook As your entertainment computer , This default setting is very convenient , But for will MacBook As a working computer and need to use function keys frequently (F1-F12) People who , It's better to put the function key (F1-F12) The behavior is set to the standard function key .

Start by opening [ System preferences ], Click on keyboard Icon , Check on [ take F1、F2 The equal key is used as the standard function key ]. If you want to adjust the volume later , Just press and hold the fn Press the key again F11 perhaps F12.

2.2 Set up Touch Pad Tap to click

When you first use MacBook, Do you think the touch pad is not smooth at all ? That's because you need to make the following settings .

Open system preferences , Click on [ Touch control board ] Icon , Check [ Tap lightly ] Options , Now touch the touchpad with your fingers , To achieve the smooth effect of mouse click .

2.3 take Dock Dock on the left side of the screen ( Personal habits )

Why would you Dock Dock on the left side of the screen ?MacBook The screen of is a rectangle , If you will Dock Put it underneath. , Then the available width of the screen will be reduced , In addition, the order of reading is from left to right , therefore Dock It's better to put it on the left MacBook As a computer worker .

Of course , It depends on personal habits , Most of the people around me are still on the bottom .

The setting method is as follows :

open [ System preferences ], Click on Dock Icon ,

1、 Adjust the size of the icon to the right size

2、 close [ Zoom in ] Special effects ( That is to say, put the mouse on Dock The effect of zooming in on the icon , This effect interferes with attention )

3、 stay [ Position on the screen ] One column , choice [ On the left ]

4、 Check minimize window to application icon

2.4 Full keyboard control mode

What is the full keyboard control mode ? For example , As shown in the figure below , I'm writing a document , This document has not been saved , And there's no filename , If you accidentally click the close button , A dialog box will pop up :

At present ,[ preservation ] The button is in the default active state , Press enter to open the save dialog box . But if I don't want to keep it ? You can only use the mouse or touch pad to move the cursor and click [ Do not save ] To cancel saving . Can I control the cursor activation through the keyboard [ Do not save ] The button ? The answer is yes , Just make a simple setup .

Pictured , Start by opening [ System preferences ], Click on Keyboard Icon , choice [ Shortcut key ], Choose [ All control ]

Now when I try to close an unsaved file again , The new pop-up dialog box is as follows , There are some changes , stay [ No storage ] There is a blue frame on the button , When you press on the keyboard [tab] Key time , The blue frame will be in 3 Switch between buttons .

Suppose the blue frame is now [ No storage ] On the button , You press enter , But I found that the system still entered the save file dialog box , Why the blue frame doesn't work ?

That's because the blue box is selected   The button is made up of [ Space bar ] The trigger  , When you press the space bar , The system will exit without saving the file . So when it's not convenient for you to use the mouse and touchpad , Can be faster with your MacBook Interaction .

2.5 Quick lock screen ( Trigger angle function )

If you leave the computer for a long time , Better lock your screen , To prevent data leakage . How to quickly lock your MacBook Well ? The answer is just a touch of the touchpad or a flick of the mouse .

open [ System preferences ], Click on [ Desktop and screen saver ] Icon , choice [ Screen saver ], Click again [ Trigger angle ...], In the following pop-up interface , The lower left corner ( Decide which corner you like ) choice [ Put the monitor in sleep ], Click on [ good ] determine , Corners where no events are selected are displayed as “—”.

<img src="" data-caption="" data-size="normal" data-rawwidth="640" data-rawheight="541" class="origin_image zh-lightbox-thumb" width="640" data-original=""/>

And on again [ System preferences ], Click on [ Security and privacy ] Icon , stay [ Universal ] Inside , Check [ Go to sleep and start the screen saver immediately Ask for a password ].

Now when you leave the computer , Remember to touch the touch pad or flick the mouse to quickly move the cursor to the lower left corner of the screen ,MacBook Will immediately enter the screen saver mode and need a password to enter the desktop .

Of course, you can also set other corners as corresponding functions , For example, I set the lower right corner to “ desktop ”, So when my cursor moves to the lower right corner , My desktop will show .

3. System commonly used shortcut keys

Learning system shortcuts , The proper use of shortcut keys will greatly improve your work efficiency .

4 Daily software recommendation

4.1 About input method

Mac The system's own input method is not very good , It is recommended to install Sogou input method .

After installation , open [ System preferences ], choice [ keyboard ], Click again [ Shortcut key ], Check [ Select the previous input source ], And click on the blank space behind the above text , Set the shortcut key to Ctrl+Space( As shown in the picture ^ Space bar ). such , You can press and hold when you type in the text Ctrl+Space It's switched .

Mac Its own simplified Pinyin input method is not very easy to use , But it has a very magical hidden function —— Typesetting !

This little function was told by a close friend , When you don't know a rare word , You take it apart and type it in , for example “ A kind of ”, Input “ Cattle, cattle and cattle ”, It will generate automatically “ A kind of ” And there are Pinyin notes .

4.2 Screen capture editing

Normal screenshot , utilize Mac Shortcut keys are more convenient , But when you need to edit the image after the screen capture , For example, mark the key points or add text , Shortcut screenshots are a little bit out of use .

Here is a screen capture editing software for you :Teampaper Snap

Teampaper Snap Is a lightweight small software , Compared with similar screen capture software , Its advantage is that the editing function is more comprehensive , And it's very easy to use . You can set up shortcut keys to take a screenshot , After capturing the screen, you can adjust the captured image again , After adjustment, you can start editing .

Teampaper Snap In addition to supporting square 、 Outside the circle and arrow marks , You can also add text 、 Add comments , The text will be displayed directly in the captured image , Comments will be shown on the right side of the final screen .

Teampaper Snap

Price : free

size :1.7 MB

Download address :Teampaper Snap - screenshot and feedback tool: stay Mac App Store Content on

4.3 Recording software

QuickTime Player yes Mac It has its own screen recording software , You can use it to record video 、 Audio and screen operation . For developers , It can be used to record screen operations , Make a motion picture or video , For others to learn ; For ordinary workers , It can be used QuickTime Player Recording PPT Lecture video .

open QuickTime Player , Select new recording you need to start working ~

About screen recording software , Recommend a more powerful software —— GIF Brewery 3 , In addition to recording screen , You can also make the recorded content into motion pictures directly .

Interested friends can read this article : Chat fight GIF chart ,GIF Brewery 3 It's easy to kill !

4.4 Decompression software

Decompression software push all-round decompression ( Original name Dr. Unarchiver), Fast 、 No garbled code 、 Supports almost all mainstream formats . besides , It can also :

1、 Preview and open the compressed package file directly

2、 Right click decompression function

3、 Some files are decompressed

4、 Extract to the specified folder

About decompressing Software , If you are interested, please read another reply :Mac What is the most convenient compression and decompression software on the Internet ?

All around decompression —— Five star decompression software

Price : free

size :7.3 MB

Download address : Full decompression official download link

4.5 Security software

On Friday, , One of the largest blackmail virus attacks to date has swept the world . According to statistics , More than ten hours after the outbreak , Globally, 74 A country's at least 4.5 Ten thousand win The system computer was attacked .

hackers 、 Viruses 、 The challenge of the dark net world to our network security has never stopped , Even the relatively closed Mac OS The system has been attacked by blackmail virus before , so Mac OS It's not every drop of water , We still need to be vigilant . In addition to the usual attention to backup files 、 Secure Internet access and download , A more convenient and effective way is , With the help of security software, we can detect viruses at any time , Here we recommend the trend security master .

Trend security master is an anti-virus software , To protect Mac System and network security , send Mac Protected from viruses , besides , Its new features also protect Mac Stay away from ad plugins and browser hijackers .

Trend security guru —— Cloud security experts

Price : free

size :40.3 MB

Download address : Trend security master official download link

Most antivirus software on the market , They all need to pay in advance , To download , Scan all the antivirus functions to get , And then protect the computer . And trend security guru's download and scan capabilities are free .

For most people , In fact, the probability of daily encounter with the virus is very small , It's wasteful to buy antivirus functions . So from an economic point of view , Recommend trend security guru , Scan for viruses and buy anti-virus functions , Save as much money as you can .

4.6 Clean up software

all the time ,Mac The concept of no clean-up has always existed , Many people choose Mac Because the system is safe and stable , No need for routine cleaning and maintenance , But in fact, many users reported that , Use Mac Time is not long. , Disk capacity is significantly smaller , Running slower , explain Mac Its own clean-up mechanism is not enough to keep Mac performance .

New system macOS Sierra Added cleaning function , Apple encourages users to manage it manually “ Storage space ”, It's also about the previous system OS X A supplement to the background automatic cleaning mechanism , That means Apple is aware of Mac Only relying on the automatic cleaning of the system can not achieve the purpose of optimizing the system .

However, it's troublesome to clean it manually every time , Here is a more convenient way to recommend —— With the help of third party cleaning software Dr. Cleaner.

Dr. Cleaner Is a free disk cleaning 、 Software optimization system . Provides memory optimization , Disk cleaning and system monitoring and other functions . You can release memory space with one click 、 Show software that takes up a lot of memory ; Quickly clean up the disk in the system status bar , Clear cache 、 Logs and other temporary files ;10MB Above large file custom scan , Find useless large files in the system for you .

Dr. Cleaner—— Disk cleanup 、 System optimization software

Price : free

size :20.4 MB

Download address :Dr.Cleaner: Clean up disk and memory , Deep uninstall applications , monitor CPU Usage and network occupancy : stay Mac App Store Content on

4.7 Materials and notes

Impression notes are highly recommended (Evernote), Impression notes is a multi-functional note application ,2008 Since it was officially released in, it has been loved by many users , You can use it to record a text message , Save a web page , Save a photo , Capture your screen .

Support synchronization between devices . At present, the free version only supports the synchronization of two devices , But I feel that it's enough in the process of using it . The best feature is , You can install the impression notes web plug-in , After login , You can directly select the page you are browsing , And the information stored is very complete .

Impression notes

Price : free

size :56.9 MB

Download address : Impression notes : stay Mac App Store Content on

4.8 Translation software

Recommend Youdao dictionary , Youdao dictionary is a comprehensive free language translation software , I believe many people have used its mobile version , But I really recommend it Mac edition .

Usually when we look up English materials or browse English Websites , May encounter individual words meaning is not very clear , The installation goes back to the dictionary , open app Check [ Take words ] and [ Scribble ] function , At this time, you just need to move the cursor to the unknown words , Youdao dictionary will translate for you .

Youdao Dictionary

Price : free

size :56.9 MB

Download address : Youdao Dictionary : stay Mac App Store Content on

If it's useful , Please give me a compliment !

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