Epidemic in Monstropolis

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New sequence m The number must be determined by the continuity of the original sequence m It's made up of subsequences , Just find the largest number in each successive subsequence .

Attention should be paid to the details : A continuous subsequence may have many maxima , One of the left and right numbers of the maximum number must be less than this number ; And subscript processing .

The code is as follows :

 import sys
n = int(input())
a = [int(x) for x in input().split()]
m = int(input())
b = [int(x) for x in input().split()] sum1,sum2 = 0,0
for i in a:
sum1 += i
for i in b:
sum2 += i if sum1 != sum2:
sys.exit(0) s = []
idx = 0
for i in range(m):
t = b[i]
oo = idx
mm = idx while t > 0:
t -= a[idx]
if a[mm] < a[idx]:
mm = idx
idx += 1
if t < 0:
sys.exit(0) if mm == oo:
while mm+1<idx and a[mm]==a[mm+1]:
mm = mm+1 flag = 0
if mm-1>=oo and a[mm]>a[mm-1]:
flag = 1
elif mm+1<idx and a[mm]>a[mm+1]:
flag = 2
elif idx-oo == 1:
continue if flag == 0:
elif flag == 1:
for x in range(mm,oo,-1):
for x in range(mm,idx-1):
elif flag == 2:
for x in range(mm,idx-1):
for x in range(mm,oo,-1):
s.append([x-oo+i,'L']) print('YES')
for x in s:

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